Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Must be nearly Christmas

Last Wednesday we were invited to a VIP sale at Good Guys. Time to update the electrical bits and pieces so off we went.

I needed a new iron (well, the one I was using was about ten years old...) so found a Phillips reduced from $119 to about $75. Him decided I should get a better hair dryer, so found one of those for $44 (from $59) and then a new kettle ($56 down from $75).

Him also bought himself an MP3 player but that was only reduced $10. But he was happy.

But the real treat was the massaging cushion he bought me. It goes on the chair (in our case, the office chair) and has rotating balls which move up and down the length of the back, and another set to do the neck and shoulders. It also has heat if you wish. Reduced supposedly from $300 to $259, but I saw it in other catalogues for $259 as well. Whatever the case, I love it.

Somehow I think I have received all my Christmas prezzies, yes?

1 comment:

SOL's view said...

*solemn* yes, yes you have.

*happy* w00t! i don't have to get you anythings now, cause you has received them all.