Tuesday, 30 December 2008

New Room

So the big surprise for Jr Her is that we completely did her room over. We moved her big bunk to under the window so she has light over her desk, and took out the old battered furniture and replaced it with new wardrobes with doors.

We found a bean bag at Le Cornu for $40 (on sale from $69) and bought her a lime green shag rug to match.

All her clothes were sorted and hung up, put into drawers and baskets inside the cupboards, and all but one shelf of her book case was sorted and tidied as well.

She walked in last night, and stopped dead in her tracks. She loves it! So far she has almost managed to keep it clean but I expect that will only last a few days. But don't you love change? It's as good as a holiday!


Anonymous said...

love the room. it looks great. your dad birthday was great thank you for letting me be apart of that love wally

Miss LJ said...

The room looks great!! I bet she was really surprised!

So is it still clean??! hehehe