Monday, 29 December 2008

Party Time

Andrew, Mandy, Tanya, Leanne, Me, Dad and Mum - The Gang All Together for the first time in many, many years!

The birthday boy and mum

So I just realised I hadn't blogged about pop's 70th birthday party. The two readers of mine who were there will know what it was like, and I hope you enjoyed yourselves!

We arrived in Rocky to high 30 degree temperatures, after leaving a cold, wet Adelaide at six in the morning. Of course, the hire car was boiling hot, and black inside too. Welcome back to Queensland!

Anyway, we drove the hour or so to Gladstone in air conditioned comfort, stopping only for a bite to eat outside Rocky. We went straight to mum and dad's, and it was great to see so many people already there - uncle and aunt from Tewantin, my brother and nephew from Tamworth, and the rest of the immediate family. My other sister from Brisbane showed up just after us too, if memory serves me well.

After stopping to see if my in-laws were home (they weren't), we went to Tannum to book into our hotel. It was lovely and the pool was right outside our room. Jr Her couldn't get into her togs quick enough. Even I donned my cossie and spent a little while enjoying the somewhat warm water of the pool. Him had a nap and Jr Her and I wandered down the road to KFC for lunch (it was after 3.00 by this time).

Off to the party that evening, and all dad's family were there. Only one sister living in New Zealand couldn't make it, but luckily, a brother who is quite ill made it, as did his other brother and sisters. He had asked for a couple of friends to come, most of whom made the effort, plus he invited my good friends Wally and her husband, and Rat and her husband, plus two other friends I had not seen for a very long time. It was terribly hot, muggy, and definitely detrimental to one's make up and hair, but really, at the end of the day, we were there for a great get-together! Pop's meal didn't arrive, though, and we had to go chase it. The pub, however, were very helpful, buying candles for me, and shouting the birthday boy's dessert (no one bought him a cake!)

Grace, Joan, Pearl, Pop, Colin and Dud

He had a lovely time, and we got some great photos. As the last of the stragglers were leaving, a severe storm hit and we were all caught in a massive downpour. Drenched just running to our cars! Then we couldn't see in front of us driving down the highway back to Tannum! Scary!

Anyway, Sunday was also hot and muggy, and we met up with Wally, Rat and Rat's hubby for breakfast. That was a lovely chance to catch up and relax. Then back to Calliope for coffee with all the rellies before they departed for other regions. We had a lovely catch up with them. Then down to Tannum with Him's family, and back into Gladstone to see a friend whose birthday it was that day. She got a surprise when I showed up personally to delivery her card. Time for coffee with other friends, then back to Calliope for dinner. Another storm on Sunday afternoon as well, but that seemed to break the heat.

Monday dawned a lovely cool day, typically, and we packed up to leave early. Out to Calliope for a further chat with the family, then we took the car to the airport. Mum and dad came with us, and while Him stayed with the luggage (good boy that he is) Jr Her and I went shopping briefly with Mum and Dad. Mum bought me a lovely top too.

It was sad to leave Jr Her at the airport, but exciting as well, as it meant some "alone" time for Him and I. Wally came to the airport to say goodbye (I think to make sure we really did leave town).

In Brisbane we were met by my friend Pat who was good enough to sit with us for a couple of hours while we waited for our plane. I ended up with a severe headache and the trip went forever, and when we got into Adelaide our luggage was not on the carousel. Man, that's scary! But apparently it had arrived home before us and was waiting patiently out back for our return.

Tuesday Him jetted off to Melbourne for two nights, so I had extra "me" time. I did enjoy that.

Now, Jr Her is back tonight. As I write this she is on a stopover in Brisbane, probably whinging about being bored silly, but excited all the same to be coming home.

I'll let you know what she thinks of her surprise...

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yes wally was checking you did leave..