Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Happy Happy Joy Joy

So I was a little apprehensive about going to the doctor this morning. It's time for my 3 month weigh in.

After Sydney, I thought because I hadn't gotten back into the walking, and I had been less than good while in Sydney, I would have put on a kg or so.

Well, as it turns out I have actually lost 200g. lol. How bout that! Made me feel good anyway.

So, I treated myself. As soon as I got to work today the Geek was waiting outside (early for once) to do some maintenance on my computer and add some RAM (it was soooooo slloowwwwww).

Turns out I was expected to go up the Parade to the Mac store and purchase said RAM.

Now, had I known I would have done it on the way in, or eve last night on the way home. But no, surprise!

So, off I trundle up the street. Well, turns out it's right next to the Rivers store. Rivers have shoes for $28. So I took a quick detour and bought two pairs. Nothing too flash but very comfortable.

Then I darted into Foodland and bought Him some of those flavoured nuts he likes.

Eventually I got back to the office, and now my computer goes like a dream and I wasted half the day doing nothing.

Can't be bad, can it?


SOL's view said...

Lol. No, that can't be bad. For you. Gave your poor wallet a shock though.

*is happy you lost weight!*

**jetter** =)

Chris H said...

EEEEE GADS! You didn't waste the day.. you went SHOPPING! That is totally NOT wasting your day. Pffffft... is it was I would be the worlds' worst time waster.

Chris H said...

Oh... good on you for losing some weight too... got distracted by the shopping...

Chris H said...

Thanks for loving my new car! And yes, you would have gone over that bridge no doubt!