Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Mmmm... waffles

So I really don't have anything interesting to blog about, but I thought I should give little Roger the Dodger a mention.

He is so cute, all chocolate and fluffy like. He is a real live wire too, always hopping about the house getting into simply everything. He sleeps on the bed with Him through the day, and mostly I don't know where he goes at night. For 3 nights he has slept on my pillow mixed up in my hair (which is great now, but could be a problem when he grows up...). I think he spent a couple of nights under the bed, and one between Him's legs, which made it horribly uncomfortable cause Him had to spread out even more than usual, over my side of the bed...

Roger is quite up for cuddles, and likes to play in my lap while I am eating breakfast of a morning. He kind of snuggles up in my arm, playing with my fingers, or ripping apart my book, whichever takes his fancy.

Jr Her likes to cart him around everywhere. She made the mistake with Wally of always picking him up and not putting him down when he wanted to, so you couldn't pick him up at all. I fear she may to the same with this one. While she hasn't been as overtly mean to him, she tends to not respect certain cues as to his discomfort. Will be interesting... hope she doesn't ruin him like she did Wally.

Anyway, he is settling in very well.

Last night I phoned my best buddy who is sick with a cold, poor lamb. It was lovely to chat to her, and I miss her lots. Hopefully she can come see me some time - it's her turn, I visited her last time! lol. Anyway, I really should phone her more often.

Other than that, life is the same old same old. Boring round of work, housework, sleep, work, housework, sleep... etc. Must be time to introduce some excitement.... suggestions anyone?


SOL's view said...

hmmmmm. research molotov cocktails on the internet. the recipe will be there somewhere.

and have a look at microsoft's bing while you're at it.

then take a drive and firebomb some freak's letterbox.....


Chris H said...

My suggestion... get a dog! LOL

Anonymous said...

Yeh wally girl has got wombat flu, could be bilby flu too since she been near them as well. she's in quarantine and can't go fishing this weekend, poor thing (get a life!)hi wally if you're reading this!

love sharkey