Monday, 29 June 2009

Life goes on

So I am not really sure what to write this week. Apart from losing Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon, nothing exciting has happened this week.

Of course, I could rave on about little Roger the wonder cat. He is so sweet and loves his cuddles! Fluffy, trouble and very much lovable! Or perhaps you would like to see a vid of him and Ozzie playing.

I'll try post one. Not great quality though, but something to see anyway. They are funny to watch because the moment the dog comes inside the cat goes up to him and smooges his nose then attacks his nose, bites his ears, has a great time scruffing him! So far the dog is quite gentle with him, but I wouldn't really trust him if he got too playful.

Apart from that, there is nothing exciting going on in my life. We did a little shopping at the cheap shop on Saturday, bought heaps of stuff for the Christmas stockings though. Not much else. Grocery shopping Sunday was horrific! I used to shop at Woolies a long time ago then figured Coles were cheaper.

Then recently we chose Foodland because they had a bigger variety of meat stuffs, like pre packed schnitzel cheap etc. Then, the last big shop we did we went to Woolies again. It was quite a bit cheaper than Coles. This weekend Him got his shopping centres confused and we ended up back at Coles, and man, what a shock! I don't think I will go there again for awhile!

Jr Her went ice skating again this weekend. The friend she goes with goes every Saturday because her dad works there. So because she gets bored she wants Jr Her to go. We have to pay for her to go in, her skate hire, and snack money. Then we found out she was also buying for the other girl, and often going without her lunch to do so. We put our feet down and suggested that the other girl's father might like to buy her lunch so Jr Her could use her money for herself. She did that this time.

So, as you can see, nothing exciting ever happens in my world. *yawn*


SOL's view said...

yeah, i had to keep reminding the teen that we weren't paying to support other ppl's kids. and it's usually the kids whose parents make a mint, or get heaps of pocket money themselves!

Chris H said...

Glad you told your daughter to keep her money to herself!
Not on that.
The cat/dog video is cute.. it's a wonder the dog puts up with that.. he must love the cat.
Having a boring life is not that bad.. you life could be full of drama, and let me tell you , that ain't so neat.
My life is less drama filled nowdays ... thank god!