Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Ozzie and Dodge

Ozzie and Roger psyche each other out...

So we thought with winter approaching we would start to bring the dog inside for a short time of an evening. He's so big we don't bring him inside too much, and never on the carpet cause he is of a timid nature and pees when excited (ugh).

So we got an old quilt and folded it in front of the china cabinet in the kitchen (those of you who have been inside my house will know of where I speak). He has been in 3 times now, and gets better each time, going right to his blanket and sitting down nicely.

The trouble is, as soon as the cat makes an appearance, he wants to follow it, and when he is focused, there is no breaking his concentration. When you do manage to penetrate his thick skull, he bounds straight back to his bed and lays down like he should have been in the first place.

Anyway, the cat doesn't seem too perturbed by Ozzie's presence. The first night he was actually playing with Ozzie's tail, and Ozzie wasn't game to move a muscle, just stared at Roger. It was quite funny.

The second night, Roger just slept on my lap and even when the dog was doing his little whine and throaty bark he gives when he wants someone to notice him, the cat slept on...

Last night was quite funny. Him sat on the floor (it's usually me) this time, and the cat promptly crawled in behind his back. Well, Ozzie was standing over Him trying desperately to catch a glimpse of the cat. Getting quite upset he was because the cat was hiding. Occasionally he would poke his head around and take a swipe at the dog's nose.
Roger hiding from Ozzie

Roger hops around the dog's bed, plays on it, plays with toys, right beside the dog, and the dog doesn't seem to mind at all. We are not convinced he can be trusted alone with the cat, and when he gets focused on him it's amazing to see. Ozzie goes almost rigid, and his glance will not waver. Ears are pricked up, body tense... he sometimes lunges at the cat, pushing his nose up against him, but so far has not nipped at him. Not sure what his next move will be.
Ozzie stares intently at Roger

The hardest part is getting him back outside. He goes mental running in and out, and will not for the life of him stay outside. He jams himself back inside the screen door so you can't close it, and will not budge. He has to be physically pushed aside. And if the cat happens to go near the door it's all over. Someone actually has to take the cat out of the room to get the dog outside. Of course, this fight means he gets yelled at, and what does he do then? Which is why he is NOT allowed on the carpet...


SOL's view said...

fun in the household! they all look soooo cute. =)

Anonymous said...

dogs rules!!love wally.

Chris H said...

Ahhh mate, no insult taken re Griffin's name! I'm just fussy when it comes to names... Stew wanted to call him 'Griff the Stiff' to begin with ! OVER MY DEAD BODY! So that's why I dont' like it.

Most often I call him 'Dude'... how did we come to that nick name?
- Griffin - Finn - Finley - Finley Doodle - Dude !!! SIMPLE. lol

Brylee is called Bry or 'Stick-it' !

Bry Bry Stick it in you eye... becomes 'Stick-it'! I dont' get it either, but she loves it! AND 'Scooter' cos man she can run.

Right, that's me done....
Love all the photos of the animals... very cute.

Anonymous said...

dogs have masters, cats have staff. pussies rock!