Sunday, 13 December 2009

Is it holiday time yet?

My how time flies when you're having fun. Well, it seems to anyway.

We actually had a party last night to go to. At the Christmas rally we got invited to a sausage sizzle at a member's house. Well, it was great. There was a lot of people there, and we even knew some of them, so we plenty of people to chat to. Dobby knew a few of the kids and one was an older child whom she knew from the club so she was happy. We arrived about 5.15pm, and left after 10.3o. Ate sooo much (no sausages for me though, it would have gotten in the way of all the other junk I was eating!) So, good company, good food, great night.

Today was housework day. Dobby got up and made the first half of a batch of shake and pour pancakes, which meant I finished it and cleaned up the mess after. I did 3 loads of washing (and one of those I had to put through the rinse again cause someone left a chapstick in her pocket and it blocked the drain on the machine so the clothes didn't spin out).

I also swept and mopped the kitchen and dining room, changed the sheets on the bed, did about two hours ironing, and cleaned the loo and changed the litter tray. Now I just have to get the washing off the line. Fluffy vacuumed the floors for me and tidied the office, and Dobby cleaned her room (for a change).

I have also been playing with Fluffy's new digital SLR type camera. What do you think?

Now, Fluffy is on day shift for his last week of work, Hermione is coming Friday and Friday night I am taking the girls to the hair dresser. Saturday we are taking them home before lunch and Dobby is staying the night, then Fluffy and I get to go to a friends place for a lovely lunch. Hermione's nan is bringing the girls home Sunday afternoon.

Then, on 23rd I have the work breakup. Fluffy will take Dobby up to friends at lunch time, and as they are having a bbq that night, she will help set up and/or entertain their little boy. Probably a bit of both. Then, when we pick her up after my work do, we will stay for a drink.

Then, it's CHRISTMAS! Man, where did the year go????

Sigh. I need a holiday!


Chris H said...

Well done with the camera.. good photos. Where did the year go? I wonder too!

SOL's view said...

Don't remind me it's nearly Christmas. I'm sooo not ready!

Khris said...

OMG I just love that header you have....very cool...hugs Khris

Butterfly Kissez said...

Don't you just hate how no matter how many times you check pockets there is always something that gets stuck in washing machine...usually tissues or money or in Mr 21's case his name badge from his job at IGA. *sigh*

I so love the camera! I have been hinting at MM that we NEED a digital SLR which he says we will get when we decide to go on holidays whenever that may be!

*nonsphi* hmmmm nothing