Monday, 7 December 2009

Sunburn really sucks

So we went to Goolwa for the weekend this weekend. It was supposed to be our first Official club entry, but as it turned out, we only received the actual application form this weekend to join, and paid half our membership. But, pay we did, and join we did! Hopefully we will be approved and badged up at the next rally in Aldinga January long weekend! Woot!

Anyway, I was lucky enough to get off work early on Friday and we left home about 1.30. Had a good run down the Expressway and got there about 2.40. Our site was small, or so we thought, but it turned out the people who pulled in before us, who were beside us, actually had half our site. Anyway, because it was only Dobby we put up the smaller tent, which was jammed up against the back of the van behind us. Sorry about that. He was fine with it though.

We decided to go for dinner with some of the other club members Friday night, and it was lovely. Good food, and we were the young ones, all the others were old but it was a lot of fun.

Saturday I helped Fluffy finish off decorating the van. We put lights around the awning and across the top of the van, and a sign saying Merry Christmas with lights behind it on the wall, plus the Piece De Resistance, a blow up Santa on a motorbike. And would you believe, I didn't even THINK to get a photo! D'oh! Stupid me.

Anyway, We had morning tea with the club Saturday morning, followed almost immediately by Cub Games. We lost on the first round this time. Happy about that, but we were expected to stay for the whole round. As I was not really prepared, and got called out of something else to attend, I didn't have a hat or sun screen and now I have a very red face with huge white owl eyes from wearing sunnies. I look ridiculous!

After games was Kids Club. We had about an hour to spare between them so I took Dobby for a dash into town to see if we could get a cheap pair of shorts for her (she wanted to swim again but felt uncomfortable in just the bikini and rashi). We did. I also bought a few other little bits and pieces and made it back in time to have a quick bite before Dobby dashed off for Kids Club.

We finished the van at that time. Then Dobby went swimming again while we went for a walk around.

We all got changed for dinner and headed off to the scout hall at 4.00pm. Needless to say, I looked stupid with my sunburn, but the dress I got to wear for the first time looked nice.

Santa came and gave presents to the kids. He looked at Samantha, who stands as tall as myself and is a lady's size 12, and exclaimed "My, you're a big girl!". We cacked ourselves laughing because she has a mild Santa/Clown phobia and gets embarrassed easily. She kept asking "do I have to sit on his knee?" We assured her she didn't. We got it wrong! She did! Haha. It was funny.

Then all the ladies lined up to receive our gifts and we all sat on Santa's lap (apparently he loves my hair and the earrings I was wearing).

Then the men lined up for their gifts and they had to sit on Santa's lap too. Very, very funny.

We had dinner, and it was very nice. Cold ham, turky, two baked potatoes, side salads, rolls, and gravy. Very tasty. Then, hot pudding and custard for dessert. (I had two). We also had raffles, and on about 4 occasions I was one number out. Never mind. It was a very great night.

Sunday we had morning tea before we left, and we won the best decorated van. Wasn't really a contest - only a couple other vans had anything on them, and they weren't much. Hopefully next year everyone will get into it. We won a set of solar fairy lights. Lovely!

We were home by about 1.30. Lazy afternoon then, washing and putting stuff away, reading, trying to make the pain in my face go away.... :-(

I get two weeks break then do it all again for our Great Ocean Road treck. Joy...


SOL's view said...

Yep, sunburn really sucks.

So it sounds like you are really settling into the club and really enjoying it.

Congrats on winning the lights. :)

Miss LJ said...

Sounds like it was a good weekend!! Pity bout the sunburn, and yeah it does suck!

Your trip down the great ocean road sounds wonderful!! Great way to spend the holidays. The club you have joined sounds great, and good work on winning the best decorated van!!


Chris H said...

Yes Diet Coke Rocks is still there.. but it has 100 readers ... and Diet Coke Rocks 2 which used to be Pepsi has almost the limit too!
They are identical expect DCR 2 has the rants on it!