Sunday, 20 December 2009

Jingle bells...

It's almost upon us. That one day of the year we seem to spend most money on, give the biggest build up to... but for me, it's just another day. Well, what I mean is, someone still has to cook, do the washing, clean the house.

It is good for kids, I admit. But once everyone has opened their presents, it's all over. We always spend it by ourselves here in Adelaide. Our friends all have families and friends of their own, so we are always just we three. It's just another day to me.

This year, however, it will be especially busy. It's the day before the Great Ocean Adventure. Which means the van has to be packed, washing done after everyone has showered. House cleaned to perfection ready for the house sitter, blah blah blah. Plus, cook lunch, clean up the mess the present-opening has made, change the litter tray, vacuum the floor and mop the kitchen. Who needs it?

The family have in their usual order for lunch - a roast beef, baked potatoes, salad, and chilli prawns with macadamias. No worries there. The leftover roast will go toward sandwiches to take for lunch on the way to Horsham Boxing day.

We aim to be on the road at nine that morning. I have already said that I will need all hands on deck to achieve that goal. Hope we can do it - it's a long drive...

We have plenty of nibblies to take. This weekend Hermione came over Friday so I could take her to the hair dresser. I will post photos of her and Dobby another time - when Dobby gets over her hissy fits and actually lets me take one.

When Nan dropped her off she also dropped off Fluffy's Christmas gift - a basket filled with chocolate balls, apricot slice, cockles and a little bag of a chocolate treat.

Plus a large round fruit cake.

Plus a larger round chocolate cake.

We have managed to eat half the chocolate cake and I hope when they drop in later they will have more.

When we took Hermione home yesterday we also left Dobby with them. Aaaah. Blessed silence. We went straight to friend's house for lunch, then made our way to another friend for afternoon tea. We got home about six thoroughly full. Later I did manage baked beans on toast for dinner.

I went shopping yesterday at Millers (before we took the girls home) and they had $16.95 specials again. I bought a pair of bathers, a cover for them, a black and white sun dress, a white and olive blouse, and olive 3/4 pants. Lovely!

Last night I also made white Christmas. With glace ginger. Very nice. Today I made rum balls. I also popped over to a friend's house to drop off her gift, then Fluffy and I wandered down to Castle Plaza and bought a small mobile broadband stick. Not much value to it, but it will mean I can keep you all up to date with our travels, if not upload pics till we get home.

We had lunch while there and when we got home made arrangements for the house sitter to come over and pick up the key. Then I did another load of laundry, changed the litter tray, remade the stripped bed, and tidied up somewhat.

Now Nan will be dropping Dobby off any time and the peace will end... sadly.

So anyway, until I get a spare minute to blog again, Merry Christmas to you all and may your house be filled with love.



Anonymous said...

Merry christmas. Can I order that great gravy you make. Miss you. Have a great and best wishes love wally

SOL's view said...

Wow. You WILL be busy. Hope your holiday is relaxing. :)

Christmas will be busy for me this year. Yes, I shall actually be cooking.....

Miss LJ said...

Merry Christmas!! Hope that you have wonderful holiday!!

Chris H said...

You are right... once the presents are opened it is usually over... but this year we hope it isn' we have family coming and going all day!
AND I am going to SIT in our new kayak and dream of being on the water! Can't wait.

MERRY CHRISTMAS mate... from my family to yours. May your holidays be wonderful. XXX

Micki said...

Have a Happy Holiday and glad that I found you too!

JoeinVegas said...

That's what most women here say about having those big motor homes (and we have some big ones): what vacation? I'm still cooking, cleaning, washing, only it's all so more dirty because we're on the road.
Have fun anyway.