Monday, 15 March 2010

Good grief, it's Monday again!

So this week saw interstate visitors arrive on Thursday. A lovely couple I met 22 years ago in Brisbane. Extremely funny, generous, and good friends.

Before that though, Fluffy handled the insurance claim for the storm damage to the van. He phoned 3 places before he found someone willing to come out to us (so we didn't have to hook up the van and be without it when our visitors arrived). The gent came out, gave us a quote for an entire new awning, and also found a dent in the side panels of the van, so quoted to replace the damage panels and decals.

Then the assessor came out, and had a look. Fluffy mentioned to him that our Waeco fridge was not really working properly but was told he would have to make a claim against our contents insurance (another excess payment) so hadn't bothered, the assessor told him to phone the insurance company back, tell them that the assessor had seen it, and it would be covered by this original claim. Bargain!

So Fluffy did that, got a quote for a new fridge and bag, and submitted that. Approved... and so was the new awning and panel repairs. Whew! That meant our visitors had somewhere to stay.

So, they came Thursday, about dinner time. I had put on a corned beef in the slow cooker, and after a cuppa and chat I remembered to put potatoes in the oven so it was late dinner but no one seemed to mind too much. I also whipped up an apple and rhubarb crumble for dessert. Very tasty!

Then Fluffy told me he was working Friday night to get some extra money. I admire his work ethic, he isn't afraid to do extra, but his timing sucked. See, Hermione was also coming that Friday so I would have a house full of people and have to handle everything myself.

So on Friday, too, he had an appointment for his pampering session. He has misplaced his voucher but luckily it was one of the few places to take details when I bought the voucher, so all he needed was his driver's licence. I am not sure what the visitors did, but I had to work, and Fluffy went for his shave, facial and massage.

Friday evening I had put a hot pot on, because it was going to be busy. Nan dropped Hermione off at 5 and stayed for 2 hours. I just added salad to the hot pot for speed and ease. No one seemed to mind and everyone cleaned their plates... couldn't have been too bad.

Saturday after Fluffy got home from work we decided to head south. Our visitors are members of the same vacation club as us, so booked a week at Lady Links. We headed out about 11, and decided to stop at Glacier Rock for a look and lunch. Sadly, I didn't have the map in the car anymore and when I had looked at the one at home, only noticed one road cutting across the bottom of the peninsula. I was sadly mistaken. We took the wrong road. But I blame Fluffy, he was the one who drove where I said to go!

After taking the long way round, we found the kiosk at Glacier Rock and had a lovely lunch, which our visitors shouted (that was nice). We were not in a hurry so took our time. Then we headed to the resort.

The girls had been promised a swim so they headed straight for the pool while we settled into the room (yes, we invited ourselves for the afternoon). I took the girls and the wife shopping for supplies, then as Fluffy was about to go to sleep, we headed home. As we had eaten out for lunch we agreed on a light dinner.

On Sunday Fluffy woke up with a choke and a cough. He had been snoring terribly bad through the night (nothing new there, but worse than usual) and woke up with swollen uvula, which looked terrible and was actually occasionally blocking his throat. He had to stick his finger down his throat to un-stick it from his tongue, and when he did he found he was bleeding. We debated taking him to the hospital, but he said he would see how it went. I have him a warm salt mouth wash (which he chocked on and it stuck again) but it seemed to help a little.

Over the course of the morning it settled down a bit so he left it be. We had arranged to meet our visitors at Mclarenvale for lunch. He thought he felt okay enough to do so, so off we went. We met them outside The Almond Train, and after a look at the Menz sweets outlet (spending way too much on sweets) we headed out to the visitor information centre so they could take stock of some of the wineries around the place. Lunch was at The Magnum Bistro at the pub, and this time we had to buy our own, bloody expensive too! But it was lovely, and we had doggy bags for the girls' nachos and my cesaer salad. Worth every penny. Fluffy's mouth was still sore so he just had calamari.

We left them to it, and headed home. One of the members of the caravan club dropped something off in the afternoon, then Nan came for Hermione about 4.30ish. They brought down fruit cake and cockle biscuits on Friday, and then some more cookies and a few slices of a delicious apple cake on Sunday.

We were all very tired by Sunday evening so had an early night. Quite a busy week, and then we were informed this weekend our visitors are staying again Saturday night, but the husband is cooking us a seafood marinara for dinner, so I won't complain... have to find something lovely for dessert to go with that.... Suggestions?


SOL's view said...

Nope, no suggestions. I'm not very helpful really.

I've never cooked a marinara, so I couldn't even tell you what the sauce is based on!

How about lemon sago and custard! :)

*hey! my word makes a word!*


Anonymous said...

Buy a shop pavlova and load it up with cream and fruit! love rat.

Anonymous said... wally

Butterfly Kissez said...

Wow I so envy all your weekends away! After my weekend at Maleny I'm itching to go back and check out the shops!

Mmmmm pavlova lol...

*turici* with love =P

JoeinVegas said...

You guys do have busy weekends and busy camping trips. I thought weekends were to relax from work!