Monday, 22 March 2010

The week that was...

Interesting... to a point.

Last week seemed to never end. I was very busy at work and a lot seemed to be happening with my personal life too.

We have been having a few issues with Dobby and her temper lately so by Monday I was at my wits end. I made an appointment to see a psychologist, and had to take time off work for that. Fluffy had to stay out of bed too. As it was late in the day on Thursday I was originally told I could go home after. So, Dobby and I made plans, subject of course to her cleaning her room.

By Thursday morning she still hadn't done anything so I canceled the plans. Then, the boss said that because I had to come pick up my car I could come back to work. So, at 3.00 I had to come back for the rest of the afternoon. Dobby was not impressed to say the least, and nor was I.

The consult went well though, and it was deemed that Dobby was not a bad child, but we had communication issues between the 3 of us that need to be addressed. That means several more visits that I have to go to, which can only be done during office hours, so more time off work.

As it is, I have to take Thursday afternoon and Friday off this week (as sick leave though) but man, it's getting ridiculous!

I am still so very tired, and feel very flat. But I have learned that must be a state of mind so I have to get my act together and move forward and stop bringing everyone else around me down. Fine.

On Saturday our visitors from interstate returned after a week at Lady Links. That was great because I had dinner cooked for me Saturday night. A very lovely garlic prawn pasta dish. I made a cheesecake to go with it (thanks Wally). Sunday we had to get up early though to bid them farewell. Fluffy decided we would drag ourselves out to Smithfield and say goodbye there. Their Sat Nav would have taken them a different route through town and Fluffy thinks this way is quicker. So, off we trudged. We saw them off and returned home. After a bit of cheesecake and a cuppa we made our way to Designer Direct for some cheap bed linen for Dobby but they didn't have anything. We bought her some new $3 towels instead.

Harbourtown for bras next, found 3 and a pair of shorts for $30 total, plus the checkout chick put into the bag the sample I had taken off the shelf to see if they had any in Dobby's size. Anyone know anyone who wears a 12DD? It ain't going anywhere near Dobby's 12B frame! lol!

We also found her a comforter set for $50. There, that's all my money gone. Lazy afternoon after that. I cooked a roast pork for dinner which came up a treat.

End of a busy week. I hope this week is quieter at work and home. Short netball session Tuesday, Dr for me Thursday afternoon, and I need to make another with the GP Friday for pills... wonderful....


SOL's view said...

You know, I don't think I could survive your weeks and weekends. :) I must be getting old.

Chris H said...

Sounds like a normal sort of weekend !
12DD... well nope I don't know anyone with a chest like that!!!
ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

cheesecake wally x
thinking of you..

Anonymous said...

Use the bra for a hanging planter/basket in the caravan, put some fruit or flowers in it. ha ha!love rat.

Butterfly Kissez said...

Teenage temper tantrums...hmmm been through that twice with my girls and mum is now going through it with Miss 16. If you need to talk I'm always around =) *hug*

*datrate* dat rate is way too high!