Sunday, 28 March 2010

Good grief!

Sometimes life flows along, others it seems to tell you "You think you're stressed? That's not stressed! THIS is stressed!"

Well, probably not quite that bad. But sometimes life gets bloody interesting.

As you know, I had a busy week. Tuesday Dobby had her last unofficial group netball practice, Wednesday we had parent teacher interview. This went okay. I was complacent though, expecting it to be a totally positive interview. While it was very positive, it also had negative stuff in it. Apparently, our daughter is a great pupil. Does what she is told, respects her teacher and fellow pupils. Nothing there I didn't know.

But her teacher also reminded us that she is still way behind and needs to lift her game considerably. She has the tools and support, and now has to pledge to herself to pull her finger out and start working harder to get into that school she wants to attend. It was quite confronting to hear that we don't participate enough in her education. Perhaps it wasn't as bluntly put as that but we are supposed to now hear her times tables and spelling. Like, when do I have time for that??? Sigh. Anyway, apart from that she really likes Dobby and Dobby likes her so it's all pretty good.

Thursday I went to the doc and as you saw previously, got two skin cancers cut off. They are doing okay now. The lip one looks horrible because every time I blew my nose my stitches bled, so the plaster is now all black. Plus a couple of corners are peeling back, revealing mottled tissue probably bruising from the needle punctures. I can't wait for the stitches to come off because the couple on the fleshy part of my lip interfere with drinking and eating.

We all had this head cold, a real rarity actually. Friday, I had already gotten the day off work, to recuperate from surgery, but I really needed it because I was so run down from this cold. I had made a doctor's appointment to get a pill script, but also because we have started seeing a psychologist as a family and I needed a mental health plan to submit to Medicare to get reimbursed some of the costs. So I wandered up there and the other two waited in the reception area.

The interview was funny because although we are seeing the doc in Dobby's name, the health plan was done with me as a patient. This won't affect anything because we are being seen as a family, but it listed all the mental exhaustion and anguish I have been experiencing lately.

Fluffy thought, quite rightly I suppose, that I should ask for anti depressants too, as I have been frustrated and moody lately. I tried to explain that I am not depressed, just tired and frustrated because I don't seem to be able to get on top of it.

The doctor agreed and pointed me to a few natural remedies. When I went to pay for the consult, which should have been $49, of which $39 is paid back by medicare into my bank account, imagine my horror when it was $171!! Holy Heck! There went my grocery shopping on the weekend because it won't be paid back until Monday. Shit! Why was it so expensive? Because of that piece of paper called Mental Health Plan. Bugger!

We went to the chemist, and I bought some Women's DeStress pills, (which I REALLY needed by this time), we'll see how they work, stopped at a few caravan places chasing parts, and eventually crawled back home at lunch time. You know, when you are not well, all you want to do is flake out in front of the TV. Well, ours was STILL AT THE REPAIRERS!

Fluffy checked his phone when he got home and found they had left a message to say it was ready, so the bloke came by about 2.00 and set it up for us. Whew. Dobby was confined to her room to clean it, and Fluffy and I napped /watched TV for awhile.

Then, after an early night, I got woken up about 1.20 am by the dog coughing. At least, I think it was a cough. I heard some terrible noise and went out to the kitchen for a look. He was standing there wagging his tail at me so I let him out for a walk. Earlier int he day Dobby had said he had coughed and sneezed. He had done this a couple of times. Sneezed that is. So, when I went back to bed I couldn't sleep. My fidgeting woke up Fluffy and I told him about the dog. Then he couldn't sleep either so we made a cuppa and sat up watching TV until about 5. When we went back to bed for a couple of hours.

I got up at 7.45 and decided to see if I could get the dog into the vet. I would hate to think he had a cold or something. As it turns out, both he and Roger are due for their immunisation shots so I made appointments for them both. That was good luck, wasn't it.

We took them down there, the cat cringing on Dobby's lap rather than being confined to his box till we got there. They were both very well behaved there. The dr asked all types of questions in regard to Ozzie's sneezing. He also asked if he had dragged his butt on the ground - why yes, actually, and if he had ever rolled his nose on the ground. As a matter of fact, just yesterday morning. Turns out he has a mild food allergy. Who'd have thought? He gave him a cortizone shot and a few pills to take. It's not serious but that's what it was. So no, he didn't get immunised. Roger did. The bill? $400! Oh wait, $81 of that was an overcharge! Whew! Still, what an expensive exercise!

Anyway, we have had an ongoing battle with Dobby about doing her room. She was invited to Tiny's birthday party over the weekend, and it was extremely doubtful that she was going. Eventually I caved in and said she could go but wasn't sleeping over as invited.

We rushed off at the last minute to buy the gift and attend the party. As Fluffy parked the car while we did the present thing, he arrived outside the venue before we did, to be met by Tiny's mother, whom I used to consider a good friend of mine. She tore into him telling him she was pissed off. The birthday girl woke up all cheery and full of life and we had ruined that for her, and she was pissed off.

Now, any of you who know Fluffy, know you just don't attack him about anything or you can kiss any respect he has for you goodbye. One now ex-friend. When I got there he told me what had happened. I escorted Dobby into the party and saw ex-friend. I believe we are in trouble I asked. So sweet and nice, she answered oh, it's just that she was so excited and then when she got your message she was so upset. blah blah blah.

I, as I was obviously meant to, felt terrible and spoke to Fluffy about letting her stay over. I don't care what you do, he says. He was in a foul mood. I went back and cooly asked ex-friend where they would be staying, mum's or dad's. Dad's. So I asked Dad what time to pick her up next day. Oh, thank you, thank you. Gimme a break!

So as we were leaving, Fluffy snapped so now we have to go and bring her clothes back? I'll do it I answered. And we have to go down to Reynella to pick her up tomorrow? I'll do it I snapped. Don't get aggressive with me he said, turned tail and walked away. We were going to go for coffee then shop. We went home.

He walks so fast when he's unhappy.... must have looked funny, him stalking off and me practically trotting along behind, getting caught up in crowds chasing him.

Anyway, I got home, packed some things for her, and drove back to drop them off. Didn't even acknowledge ex-friend. Blew Dobby a kiss and went to a friend's place for a cuppa.

Eventually I came home and Fluffy and I went for hamburgers for dinner. Well, he had a burger and I had a piece of fish. You know, it's actually very nice being just the two of us. We can do what we want when we want. I had no time to be home, nothing to do when I got there. We flaked out in front of the TV and watched some of Alice in Wonderland, then the Frost movie, late to bed.

Only to be woken up at 7 this morning by the alarm mob telling us that the battery was low on the monitored alarm... like, that couldn't wait until 9.00? Hello people! It's Sunday!


We stayed up, and took it slow. It's raining, been raining all day, so that's been nice. As Dobby needs a new light (part of the fight was that she needed a light but Fluffy couldn't get into there to put one in, and she couldn't see to clean it!) we headed out to Bunnings in search of something suitable. We had put a fluro in a year or so ago but couldn't find a bulb to fit it so had to buy a whole new light. Then he and I did a grocery shop. As feared, it was more than the money in the account so like the vet bill, that went onto the poor mastercard. Must remember to transfer some money tomorrow... Then we had to unpack that, and race down and collect Dobby. You know, it's 7pm and she still hasn't done that bloody room...

This week is looking like it's shaping up to be just as bad. I have a dr appointment, well just my 3-monthly weigh-on on Tuesday morning. Tuesday afternoon Dobby has her first team netball practice - from 5.30 - 6.45. Thursday we are going away, which means having to stop on the way to pick up Hermione. I had put my foot down. We were not leaving Thursday night this time. I refused to work all day, rush home, drive over 2 hours then buy tea, set up the van and socialise till late. Not gonna happen.

Then I was asked by a committee member to be one of 4 team leaders for our Survivor weekend. Oh joy, just what I need. Mind you, being team leader has certain perks. Like being able to delegate who does what tasks, meaning I DO NONE. Anyway, I will still be somewhat sore and bruised so I DO NONE. Apparently they are only small tasks that don't take long, spread out over the weekend. Should be okay. Only problem is the first one is at ten Friday morning. Meaning we have to be there Thursday night. So much for putting my foot down...

I'll keep you posted on who won the challenge....


Anonymous said...

you can never say life is dull. enjoy easter.i send a big wally

SOL's view said...

That was a heck of a week. :)

You know, I could never understand how come teachers expect us to put so much into teaching our kids their schoolwork. I'd do spelling and that was it. If I tried to help them with maths or similar, it was always done differently to our way of thinking, and I was never any use anyway. Blimmin heck, that's what we contribute to the education department for isn't it? To get TEACHERS to do that?


JoeinVegas said...

We eventually gave up on daughter's room and just kept her door closed, not going in there. Her problem.

Chris H said...

Good Grief alright! Trials and tribulations of being a parent eh?
I am still waiting for that "just the two of us" feeling. stop telling me what it's like! *sob*

Anonymous said...

No rest for the wicked! Everything will settle down and then you will get bored again! Except for one thing... Dobby officially becomes a teenager next month! Good luck!love rat.

Butterfly Kissez said...

Ahhh...again'll have to read my blog about our "teen" niece Miss 16 that is...I deeply sympathise with you...I am certain I was never that much trouble when I was a need to take care hon and look after are sounding completely worn down...

*menat* menat work