Monday, 1 March 2010

Old age...

... seems to be racing up on me at an alarming rate. I don't know why, I mean I am a healthy person on the whole. I don't get sick, rarely get a cold even. Only the occasional headache, and almost constant reflux thanks to my lap band.

But I am feeling lately that my physical future may be looking a bit grim. My joints are increasingly painful, and whatever is going on in my hip is getting worse every day.

Like this weekend. We have had a busy week at work, so I haven't walked as much as I should, so that could be something.

On Saturday my friend's little boy was 2. He is so lovely. There is a joke between our families concerning his parentage. See, both is parents have brown eyes. We have always joked, for many years, about swapping between our partners (I think they would get the raw deal there as they are younger than us), but when this little bloke was born he has the most beautiful blue eyes. So does my husband.

Sometimes his mum will say "come say hello to your daddy" when she sees Fluffy, and on the weekend his own dad told him to go find is father, Fluffy, who was standing behind him. It's quite funny, the poor fellow.

Anyway, I digress. We were there for almost 3 hours, and a great part of that was spent on my feet (filling my face with party treats, true). I had comfy shoes on, but I did feel it through my back and hips.

Then, yesterday we went to the Caravan, Camping and Outdoor show. That's a huge expo with caravans, boats, tents, camping equipment, rides and food. Expensive food too. But we love to go, and usually go early so we can visit the Farmers Markets prior to entry into the show.

That meant we were there almost 5 hours yesterday. A HUGE part of that was spent on my feet. I was wearing comfy joggers, but still, I am so stiff and sore through my back and hips today I am really struggling!

We bought only a few small things, although Fluffy bought a new fluro light for the van, and it looks great, and Dobby scored a new sleeping bag with fur lining the top of the hood piece, in blue, with Foxy Lady written on it. She loves it but it was quite expensive.

She did clean the majority of her room though, and has to finish it tonight. Netball tomorrow night so she can't do it then. She has been to one training session, and finds it a challenge as it's very physical. But I know she loves it and is looking forward to this season. She finally gets to play for a real team, after 3 huge training and selection sessions. I am sure they get a place if they register.

So, now it's back to work, and I think I really need to get out for a walk today to try to stretch my hips and back out. Hopefully I will sleep better tonight (last night I kept dreaming of a friend who recently split with her man, for some reason!)


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, you're not the only one getting creaky!I find I seize up a bit when I've been laying around in the air con. Maybe we should take up yoga to be more flexible. Hubbies probably like it if we can hook our ankles behind our ears! love Rat.

SOL's view said...

Yes, joints seizing up is a common complaint as they begin to wear out, isn't it. :)

Chris H said...

Your friends with the blue eyed child must BOTH have the recessive Blue Eyed Gene to get a blue eyed child.... it CAN HAPPEN!
Bummer about your joints.. age is the pits... just ask my knees! *sniff*

Leanne said...

Funny things we dream about hey??

Hope that you manage to get that walk in, and that things loosen up. I don't have that problem yet, but after my back pain a few weeks ago, I couldn't stand to have it be a recurring thing. Hope you feel better soon. :)

And I wondered if you went to the show on the weekend - I kept thinking of you whenever I saw the ad on TV!!

Take care xxx

Anonymous said...

would you like some of wallaces wally

Anonymous said...

you could name your mums duck, Dotty Duck! Gedit? love Rat

Micki said...

Getting older is not for the weak at heart.We all have the aches and pains, but keep the child in you and you will be young at heart.