Sunday, 4 July 2010

Almost finished...

So the bedroom makeover is almost done.

This week we had been told Dobby's new bed would be ready Friday. So on Thursday Fluffy went down to Super Amart after work and picked up the desk. We put it together, he and I, on Thursday night. It looks pretty good!

On Friday I asked about her bed. Turns out they sent the wrong one. When I phoned Fluffy and told him he was quite angry, as Dobby is now sleeping on the floor. He phoned them back and spoke to the manager. He offered to take one of the brown beds they sent in, but the manager said they had already been allocated and we couldn't have one.

Fluffy said that wasn't good enough, as how would he like it if his daughter was sleeping on the floor in Winter?

So the manager gave us a choice. She could go down and choose a replacement bed, and if it was dearer he would not charge the extra, or she could borrow a bed until hers came in (approx mid August). She really has her heart set on this bed so she chose to wait. Which is just as well because they hardly had any beds at all, and hers was the most expensive anyway!

Hermione was coming Saturday morning so we had to wait for her to arrive... and we were kept waiting an hour or so too! But that was not really anyone's fault.

As soon as she arrived we went down and picked up the replacement bed. It's a brand new one too. We then went back to the cheap grocery shop and replaced all the snacks Dobby has been hoeing her way through lately. Then it was race home, have lunch (Barnacle Bill's fish and chips!) and off to netball. Dobby's team played really well and they won 50-8!! Excellent! As Fluffy and I were on canteen duty it fell to me. But I got him to do a few things for me. About half way through the urn decided to turn the water black. EW! So Fluffy found a little jug and we used that.

After the game we came home and the girls spent all their spare time on Dobby's new singing xbox game. Fluffy and I finished setting up her new surprise... we bought her a little TV of her own. It's a Centurion, white, with a green fascia. Goes really well. But we had issues with the aerial.

She, of course, loved it. They ended up in bed nice and early, which was a surprise too.

Sunday I had won a double pass to an advance screening of Karate Kid. So, as Hermione was here, I sent the girls. Fluffy and I were to see A Team but he was in a mood so we decided to have a coffee instead. We met up with a lovely couple and found out she is pregnant again with their second child so that was nice.

Then we wandered to Cheap as Chips and bought two aerials - one for Dobby's room and one for ours. Plus a dog jacket, but I will need to get him a bigger one this time.

Bought a couple pairs of skinny jeans for Dobby (It's school holidays and she only has one pair of long pants apart from her school pants). She was happy. After the movie finished, we again saw our friends so chatted to them for a bit, then we brought the girls home, gave them lunch, gave Dobby her pants, and now it's vege out time before we go up north to take Hermione home.

We have listed Dobby's old bed on ebay, so lets hope it sells. A lot of people are looking at it, and someone wants to see it today but of course we won't be home. I'll let you know next week if we sell it or not.

And, next week I will put up pictures. I don't think it's quite ready. Still some little bits and pieces to do to make it right. And at some point it is supposed to get painted. I wanted to do that before it was changed but Fluffy said no, no rush. Which means it won't get done.

Anyway, it's looking better and needless to say, she is over the moon!

I'll keep you posted...


SOL's view said...

Yes, do keep us posted. :) And with pics, of course.

JoeinVegas said...

I don't understand - she wants to wait until August for the bed, but then you went and got a replacement anyway?

Froggy said...

Its okay, Joe, it's a loaner! She gives it back when hers arrives. :-)