Sunday, 11 July 2010

Can You Believe it?

I actually had a kind of slow weekend! I KNOW! How shocking is that!

The week was busy at work, it's End Of Month and End of Financial Year too, and I am waiting on a couple of suppliers to forward their invoices, and a customer to forward their credit request, and a producer to forward his production report, so essentially I'm waiting on others before I can go any further.

Boss's mother-in-law also passed away this week. As sad as that was it was probably a blessing in disguise as she had been suffering (well, she hadn't but those around her had) with dementia for some time. Poor Jane had been running around after her quite a lot. Then, when she had her hip replacement she was unable to pay her the attention she needed. But now Jane can concentrate on her own recovery.

On the home front, we had been sitting here with Dobby's bunk pulled to pieces, parts in the car port and parts in the hall just inside the front door. I decided to put it on ebay, and surprise, it sold. We put $180 on it and it sold for $187.50.

Oh, I forgot to tell you about the IT issues we had the week before! I realised I am a legend. I know. How hard is that to believe? See, when we bought Fluffy's laptop, we couldn't get it to connect to our internet. Not wireless anyway. It would connect using the ethernet cable but not wireless.

So, I spent a couple of hours on the phone with Netgear, then we took it down to Harvey Norman and it connected straight away to theirs. Ergo, it must be ours. I was pretty frustrated, as was Fluffy. We always seem to end up doing things the hard way. Nothing we venture is every easy.

So, when we got back home something had been nagging in the back of my mind, but because Netgear didn't bring it up I didn't think it was important. But I checked anyway. One box on the Netgear settings was ticked. As soon as I unticked it, Bingo! We were on. So I added his laptop into the allowed users, re-ticked the box, and away we went. Then, at work, the boss email program failed so I had to fix that. I skyped our geek, who is still in bloody Bangkok with no intention to return, and he talked me through it. Problem fixed again. I. Am. Legend. Yes, it's true.

Anyway, back to my week. On Thursday we got a call from Nan. We had discussed Dobby going to Hermione's for the weekend, but as Nan was going to confirm in a couple of days, and we hadn't heard anything, we figured she wasn't going. Then Thursday night Nan said yes she could come. Yay for us! Friday we drove her out there. Another friend of Hermione's was staying there. She was down from Queensland apparently. She does not get on with either parent so was just spending the weekend with Hermione. This was the reason for the delay in coming back to us. Nan wasn't sure about having 3 teenagers in the house.

So Friday night we came home, it was dark and cold, so we just put on the heater, put Last Man Standing in the DVD player, and watched a movie. Then we watched the last of the Power/Collingwood game then went to bed. Talk about bliss!

Next morning I slept in till 8, arose to a silent house... I could get used to this. Fluffy and I did some tidying (around loads of washing) and put together the bunk ready for the winning bidders to collect. He figured, quite rightly apparently, that if the buyer saw it assembled he would have a better idea of how to put it back together when he got it home. Then I took some stuff down to the Salvation Army (and did NOT go inside for a look! *is proud*).

Back home, we sat back for a little while to wait for the buyer to show up. Then, just after he did, my friend who is heading to Bali soon phoned to say they were on their way over. They brought back Fluffy's other laptop after replacing the DVD burner for him. Fluffy gave him a bottle of red for his efforts. When the buyer left (after paying Fluffy $190 and refusing change) he joined us for coffee and nibblies. They stayed a couple hours.

When they left we tidied up a bit and headed down to KFC for dinner. Oh, that reminds me. On the way home Friday I stopped at KFC, but after all our food was ready, the EFTPOS machine went on the fritz and I had to leave it all there because we had no cash.

So, I went to Barnacle Bill's again, which was good because upon entering a "birthday" draw last visit I found I had won a voucher for a free car wash. Lucky me!

So, Fluffy and I went to KFC Saturday night for dinner. Back home we ate it in front of the telly again. Then, I ran a bath but just before I got in, SOL sent me a chat message, and being the lovely chappy he is, he answered for me. So, he got my bath and I got to chat to SOL. Which was good cause she gave me a couple of lovely recipes to try, one of which Nan wants!

When I finally stopped chatting I found Fluffy snoring in front of the television. I watched a little television then had a shower, washed up and went to bed.

Today, Sunday, we took our time, just sat around watching the telly. I did some washing and very little else. When the shops opened we headed off to return the doggy jacket we bought Ozzie last weekend, and swap it for a larger one. We couldn't get one the same but he now has a red one with I'm The Boss on it.

We stopped at Game Traders and picked up a buy-one-get-one-free pair of games for Dobby. Paid $29.95 for them. A trip to Spendless Shoes on the spur of the moment saw me with a pair of calf length boots! Finally! Then a grocery shop, home to unpack, and then head out to pick up Dobby.

Apparently she did really, really well. Nan said she can go there anytime. That's always nice to hear. On the way home she told us that the other lass staying there had shoplifted in her presence. Now we are stuck as to whether to tell Nan. Dobby thinks Hermione will tell her, but I wouldn't really trust Hermione. Dobby also thinks Hermione has one of her DS games as it has dogs on it the same as she had made before she lost her game.

Now, as I write this she seems to have lost all but 5 or so of her games. We cannot find them anywhere. Nowhere in this house. We have turned the house (and the rubbish bins) upsidedown but to no avail. Sigh. Puts a horrible feeling on the weekend. Fluffy is ropeable and Dobby is in tears. I am at a loss of what to do next. We have checked through her bags, we know it's not in her cupboards, because although we rechecked, they weren't there when I cleaned her room. Gone.

It's really very sad to see her upset and it's a complete mystery as to what has happened to them. I sincerely hope they turn up somewhere.

On another note, earlier tonight I took these pics of my little girl....


Anonymous said...

wow you have lots of news lol wally

SOL's view said...

Did she take them with her to the sleepover? Chereena took a really pretty underwear set to a sleepover once - a large group of girls - and it never came back. Don't think the hostess took them cause they sure as heck wouldn't have fitted! :)

Were it me, I wouldn't bother telling Nan. No point really, and she may prefer not to know anyway.

JoeinVegas said...

Sounds like her games are at other girl's houses. They have little feet and walk out on their own.