Sunday, 25 July 2010

A little somethng to finish off the week

So anyway, this week was kind of slow. Work I managed to get everything done early in the week so I didn't have to stress out so much by midweek. However, it always seemed to remain steady. This weekend was even quite slow. Saturday we had to go to Prospect to buy vacuum cleaner bags for Kirby. They last quite a while, so a pack of 6 for less than $60 is not unreasonable. I happened to ask about a problem we had been having which required a $5 part. Bought that as well. When I left I picked up the bags the lass had given me, and the rubber part, and when I got to the car I realised she had in fact given me two bags of six, so a total of 12 bags! Bargain!

After that we went up to Northpark Shopping Centre in search of a cheap shop so I could buy socks. Mine are so stretched I can't wear them anymore. We found a GoLo in there, and managed to spend $100. Without socks. They didn't have any. I found part of a birthday present for Nan, a cool t-shirt for Dobby, DVD for Fluffy, some pencils, two pair of curtains for our bedroom (pale brown with embossed squares) and a set of black sheets for Dobby for when her room gets finished (if it ever gets finished).

After that we came home and Dobby got ready for netball. They played a hard game and although they played really well, they did lose by 4 goals. They should still be proud of themselves.

Saturday night I did chicken pieces with roast potatoes. Sunday we did some housework. Fluffy helped me get the new steam cleaner and tackle the built up gunk on the shower door and round where the screen joins the tub. It didn't do as good a job as we expected but it still got rid of a lot of rubbish. I think if I do it a few more times it may work.

I also did our bed linen, puttin on a yellow and brown striped set to match the curtains, did the washing, and I did a couple hours ironing as well.

Then off to the Roller Derby. A facebook friend had tickets and although I had not met her in person before, I thought it was a good opportunity for Dobby and I to meet her. She was running late, so Dobby and I sat in the sun and waited for them. When we go there we found that there was no seating and we all had to stand. That sucked but luckily it was only two 45-minute halves. I think they were an 45 minutes anyway. The first half I couldn't see much so I didn't really understand what was taking place, but the second half I got a better view and it all made sense. Lovely. Fluffy would have enjoyed himself, cause there were lots of girls of all sizes pushing each other over and jostling for position. Great! I bought Dobby a knitted headband thing, and Fluffy got a stubby cooler.

Fluffy dropped us off and picked us up after which was great. All in all, it was a fun afternoon. Then he stopped at KFC so I didn't have to cook dinner. What a champ!

Home now, and it's going to be cold tonight. Something to look forward to. There was frost this morning and it's going to be even colder tonight. Poor Fluffy has to get up early. He'll cop the worst of it.

Anyway, to finish off the week, here's a little something to make you laugh.

I saw this on FaceBook so I stole the link from my friend. It's hysterical!


Butterfly Kissez said...

Love the BIG DECK! My hubby had showed me that some time ago via a mate of his who emails him stuff like that...he cracked up big time over it!

We go to the Roller Derby here at The Brisbane Convention Centre and the first couple of times there was no seating or very little so you had to stand along the back or the very brave would sit on the floor

Gonna be a cold night here too by the looks and now it's raining as well so its freezing!!!!

SOL's view said...

Cack! I love Drew Carey! He's so funny. The skit is amazing. :)

Disappointed you didn't get to see much? I'd like to see the derby. And I can imagine that Fluffy would like it!

Chris H said...

Hey chick, those buttons came in a pack, 5 buttons per pack.
Made by ('Dress it Up' range), cost me $6.90 per pack. If you can't find any I can always get you some if they are still in stock.

JoeinVegas said...

Can you skate? Maybe you can try out for roller derby

Micki said...

I used to skate...It is fun! SOunds like you had a busy time!

Anonymous said...

Yeh you could try out for roller derby, start your own team and call them "The Flying Frogs!". Love Rat. (It's only taken me a week to try and leave a comment. Stupid F%$#ing laptop!)