Sunday, 18 July 2010


Well, one project is finished. Today we finished the diarama. When I say we I mean pretty much I, but hey, if she gets a half reasonable grade I will be happy. She did do a lot of the work. What do you think?
Here you can see the back of the kangaroo, the emu, a frilled neck lizard, a goanna, a wombat, a hiding snake and a tiny desert rat.

From this angle you can see the lizards and the emu better, and also the "opals" among the rocks.

Can you see the Wedge Tailed Eagle? Also, a possum up the tree and a bilby/numbat beside the emu.

This side shows the kangaroo pretty well, and the possum up the tree. Crude, yes, but cute I think. Dobby is really happy with it.

I think it turned out quite well. It's a pity that the papiermache made the sides of the box warp but never mind.

This week has been actually quite boring. Very nice change for me. We still have not made any progress on those games. Hermione said she hasn't seen them, and we still haven't gotten the van back to check there.

Work has been flat out. End of month, end of financial year. Also, I waited until Friday to receive one supplier's invoices, and gave up waiting. I had to do up proforma invoices, then enter those into my software system. Eighteen of them I did. About fifteen minutes later, eleven or so turned up in my email in-box. Typical! So those I have processed and will reverse out Monday. I have just one or two more things to do then I can present it all to the accountant. As Boss is interstate as of tonight, I think I will take Tuesday rather slow. I do have to nick out for a bit anyway to take Dobby to the dentist for an adjustment. I will drop her home then go back to work for about 45 minutes.

Saturday was an early netball game. We didn't do too much before hand, just washing and mucking about. I washed the dog, too, which he doesn't like but he comes out so lovely and fluffy. Take ages to get the hair out of the bath tub afterward! Dobby helped me here and there, but she got playing with the XBox and almost made herself late. The game was good. Very close, but Glengowrie won 27-23 if I remember. Which is sad, because I was scoring! I was co scoring with a funny fellow who made it interesting. Halfway through Fluffy brought me a cup of tea (we were allowed courtside, the others had to sit outside the fence). My partner in crime complained that he didn't get a coffee! I told him he obviously didn't marry the right bloke! A bit later my right bloke brought me a Chomp chocolate, too, the little treasure!

After the game, we did a small grocery shop and before had I had to go potty. Which is across from Millers... And Millers had a two-for-one cheap rack! One was $5 and the other rack was $7.50. I found two pairs of pants for $7.50. Don't know about you but I say that's a bargain! Fluffy just rolled his eyes when I cam back with a Millers bag...

Dinner last night was a bake-up. I just cooked up a frozen pizza, some garlic chicken balls, meatballs, and some chicken strip things, and put out cheese, pepperoni, ginger, and dipping sauces. We watched The Wild while nibbling on finger food.

A little while later I noticed I felt a bit funny in the tummy. Dobby said she did too, and Fluffy did too. Uh-oh! I had poisoned the family! Fortunately for Fluffy and I, we just had a sore tummy for a bit, so we figured it must have been the pizza. I had one slice, Fluffy two and poor Dobby had 5. She was on the loo all night. Poor lamb. She called out to me before midnight, saying she couldn't sleep because every time she dozed off she had to go to the loo, or the stupid dog would jump up on the couch. I rummaged through the cabinet and found some Imodium tablets, and got her to take a couple. Then, after she went again I made her take another. Then I sat up with her for two hours and watched TV.

Eventually I went back to bed and she drifted off to sleep. Today we decided to have a slow day. Dobby must have gotten it all out of her system because she was fine this morning. She has had bits and pieces to eat and nothing bad has happened. Fluffy looked at the pizza box - and found with a shock the use by date was December 09! Oh dear. Lesson learned. Check!

So, today we have played with the diarama, played computer games, done some washing and washed the floor. Oh, I forgot to mention. Through the week I had looked for a steam mop on ebay, looking for one with a portable attachment with which I could do the bathroom, windows etc. I found one that had a detachable bit to do all that, which was only a cheapie, and showed it to Fluffy. He encouraged me to buy it. It arrived Friday evening so we tested it today. Unfortunately, what I wanted it for most was to clean the huge rug in the lounge. Sadly, though, I think it got the rug too wet because it looks like it may have picked up the dirt from the carpet underneath. I will vacuum it again probably tomorrow evening now, to see if I can pick up any more the hair that seems to have grown itself into the rug. We also did the kitchen portion of the open area. Boy, it seemed to have brought the floor up clean but you have to go around after and pick up the black pet hair the it leaves streaking about behind. I had swept beforehand too! And the state of the removable cloth! It was so filthy! So at least we know it does actually pick up the dirt.

Anyway, now it's relaxation time. I am so tired my shoulders and back are killing me so I might plunk myself in front of Fluffy with my book and ask nicely for a shoulder rub. If he's in the right mood I won't have a problem!

Roast pork for dinner tonight (shit, nearly forgot I have to put that on now or it won't cook! Stupid girl!). Catch you next week!


SOL's view said...

Oh dear. Poor Dobby. Bet she thinks twice about frozen pizza next time you serve it!

Froggy said...

We were having Roast Pork tonight but realised we are out of vegies, so Fluffy suggested port sandwiches. Dobby pipes up "NO FROZEN PIZZA PLEASE!"

Froggy said...

*pork sandwiches* sheesh!

Anonymous said...

i give a a+ for project..

Anonymous said...

love wally

Anonymous said...

OK I'll say it again, now that computer is playing nice and letting me leave a comment, I give you E for excellent for the diarama. Very cute roo and wombat. .And yes, I wondered what port sandwiches were. Thought the bread might get a bit red and soggy! love Rat

JoeinVegas said...

A drawback to having a large freezer. Perhaps you should clean it out more often. (maybe use the steamer?)

Chris H said...

Cute Diarama!