Sunday, 22 August 2010

Did that week just fly by?

Cause I swear, I musta missed it somewhere. I can't believe how fast time flies now.

This week was certainly interesting. Monday night my friend Leanne popped in to pick up her Tupperware, so as she was coming so far across town, I figured she may as well stay for dinner. I 'm afraid it wasn't anything very flash but she was lovely and polite and ate all her dinner. We also had home made cheesecake for dessert. Yummo!

Wednesday Dobby missed her guitar lesson due to her finger being fractured. She didn't mind too much. She will also miss this next week due to her concert, but I'll blog about that next week. It will be a big one next week!

Tuesday night Dobby and I got our hair done. This is mine...

What do you think? Dobby wouldn't let me take a pic of hers. Fluffy hates it, but Dobby and I like it. Something different!

On Friday Fluffy came home from work saying he had hurt his back again. This time it seemed to be muscular, around the base of his spine. Not as bad as the other issue, and moving certain ways offered some relief this time. Luckily.

About 10.3o Friday morning I got a call from the school. Dobby was in the sick room. She has been complaining all week of pains in the stomach. Apparently for weeks now she has had these pains. Around her right side, but sometimes it seems to move. So, as Boss was still not in yet, I figured I had better wait for him. He finally got to work after eleven, so I met him on the stairs and told him I had to go.

I picked her up, and although her headache had gone she still had the stomach pain. I figured now or never, I had better phone the doc. The only appointment I could get was at 1.15. It was still only 11.30 at this time.

I phoned boss and he gave me the rest of the day off. He already knew I would be late in on Monday because I have to take her up to the Women's and Children's hospital to have her finger looked at for a follow up.

Anyway, I took her to the doc. She prodded around her stomach and found a tender patch. The doc told me that if she were older she would suspect gall stones. There is a huge history of gall stones in our family but she said no, she was too young.

So, this Monday before her trip to the hospital I have to take her up for blood tests. Then, on Tuesday morning I have to take her for an abdominal scan to see if there is anything there. Great!

Anyway, Friday evening she had a sleep over at Hermione's. I love sleepovers! And Nan loves having her. We dropped her off when Fluffy came home and Nan made us fresh scones and gave us the leftovers. Love that lady!

After that Fluffy and I came home and veged in front of the telly. Saturday we wandered down to Marion and in Bunnings I bought his Father's day present - a blower vac. I also bought some plants to replace the ones I lost in the wild weather recently. Then across to the shopping centre to see if we could find cheap dog toys for Oz. We also found a cheap pair of black stretch jeans/tights things for Dobby to wear to her concert Wednesday. We had lunch as well, and put in an order for a Telstra THub. That's my birthday present. Yay!

Back home I planted my new plants. Boy, this arthritis I have is giving me so much trouble. My poor back ached so bad and the pain in my fingers was worse than ever. But I couldn't ask Fluffy to help because of his back. So I just soldiered on.

Then, the lady behind us, who has a little dog Ruby, asked if Ruby could come play with Ozzie for a bit. Sure, we said. Then she went shopping. Ruby and Oz have fun, running around everywhere.

But we were going out for dinner and she still hadn't returned so I had to pin a note to the back fence telling her we had gone out and to come get her when she was ready. We left them here together.

We went to Montezuma's. I really enjoyed it but Fluffy, typicall, forgot his glasses so couldn't read the menu. And I don't think he really wanted to go. He let me order something for him, which I did. We had the 3 dip starter, which was two warm and one cold dip with warm corn chips. Very tasty.

I ordered him a chicken dish, which was half a small chicken with a bean dip and salad (instead of rice) and I had a garlic prawn in tomato sauce dish with rice on the side, which I didn't eat either. The dish itself was covered in melted cheese with two warm tortillas on the side, and it was positively delightful! I will definitely order that again!

We saw some old bowling buddies there as well, which was nice.

Home by nine, then a trip to the local "adult" shop for something to watch. Boy, that shop is expensive. Might have to look somewhere else next time...

Sunday we tried to sleep in the but cat had other ideas. So we watched some more of the election coverage on Sunday on None. Boring as! Interesting the situation, but politics and sport have to be my two least favourite subjects. Ich.

Eventually we got up and did some housework. At lunchtime, I took nachos outside in the sun on the patio, and made a card for a friend who recently lost her father-in-law. Spent a bit of time there before going up to pick up Dobby. She stayed two nights with Hermione as it was her birthday party too. They had a great time apparently.

Back home, Dobby liked the hair bands, skull candle and jeans I bought her. Dinner of chicken pieces and chips, then early bed I think. Fluffy's back is still sore, especially because he had to help a friend of Nan's unload a sofa bed, got it as far as Nan's entry, then it would go no further. Dug a big groove in her new lino too. She is quite upset, understandably, because it won't fit. And she just got rid of the spare bed too! Feel quite bad for her.

Anyway, busy week this next week. I may not get to blog until Monday at work next time! But it will be worth it!


Anonymous said...

Hair looks very glamourous! Fluffy is jealous of your hair cos he hasn't got any! You lot are the walking wounded! Hope Fluff and Dobb get well soon after finding out whats wrong with them. Yes the year is flying by! I keep count by the school hols. Only three weeks to hols after this week. Yippee! (but only 4 months to Xmas unfortunately) Love Rat.

SOL's view said...

Yep, I'll be glad when this election stuff is over! :)

JoeinVegas said...

All we've heard of your election is that nobody won, and so you have no government. Sounds like our congress fighting and not getting anything done.

Miss LJ said...

"Lovely and Polite" hey? That did make me giggle! I really enjoyed dinner! And the Potatoes were yummo in my salad the next day!
Sounds like you have a busy weeka nd a good weekend. Hope thisngs sort themselves out with Miss Dobby soon... poor thing!

And have a fabulous weekend in Melb this weekend! I had a ball... spent way too much money, but had a great time!!!

Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks with Amanda!! YAY!!


Chris H said...

Love your hair... smile woman! (not that I can talk, lol)

Micki said...

You look wonderful in that photo...lvoely hairstyle!