Sunday, 8 August 2010


What a week it's been this time. Workwise, the week has been a full one. Trying to get end of month done again. And I only just finished June a couple of weeks ago! But hopefully next week won't be so full on. Plus Boss is away for the week, so I can afford to go a little slower...

Tuesday night Fluffy and Dobby went to see WWE Smackdown wrestling at the Entertainment Centre. They loved it! Because Dobby and I have had a couple of girly outings recently, I decidced they needed some Father and Daughter time, so I bought them tickets. Dobby has long been a wrestling fan, often watching it on the weekends. When I bought the tickets I upgraded to slightly better than originally planned seats, and I am glad I did. Apparently Fluffy reckoned they were great seats. So a fantastic night was had by all, cause I got to sit and watch TV in the quiet for a couple hours...

On Wednesday evening Fluffy complained of a pain in his back. He said he had gotten up with it Wednesday morning. I rubbed some heating ointment on it and gave him some reiki, thinking he may have pulled a muscle.

Thursday he could barely move, and said it was still terribly sore. Thursday evening I gave him some more treatment. Friday was far worse he said. I suggested he go see a doctor. After a very sleepless and restless night Friday he decided to go see a doctor Saturday.

Before I phoned our local GP I phoned the hospital help line. He spoke to a nurse at length and she was worried because he had in effect had the pain since Tuesday. She told him to present himself to the hospital emergency ward.

I duely took him up to Flinders Private Hospital for a look-see. He didn't want us to wait so we dropped him off and continued with the errands we had. It's quite hard to wander all over Marion looking for a green table cloth when you are somewhat distracted.

I eventually found the table cloth, and a cream runner to go down the centre. Back home we waited anxiously for the call. We fully suspected kidney stones and that they would admit him. At 11.15 my friend Paula dropped by for a visit. She had been to Bali and bought me back a pair of black beaded thongs, two chunky bangles, and she bought Dobby and I a frangipani hair clip each, one purple and one blue, and also had us a gold bracelet made each with our names engraved on them.

Neat, hey? Apparently they made from $2 coins.

After that Dobby's friend, whom I am sure I have mentioned before, but I can't remember what name I gave her, so I'll call her Myrtle, only cause she's quite noisy, was dropped off by her mum. Dobby was going for a sleep over last night, and as mum had to work for some time before hand, I told her to drop Myrtle off here first.

Eventually Fluffy phoned to say they were still running tests, but so far after blood tests, urine tests and an MRI, nothing could be found. He said they had given him strong pain relief but he thought he would be allowed to go home soon.

As it was netball afternoon, the last competition game of the season before finals, we picked him up on the way to netball. Dobby's team won, something like 46-31, something like that. After netball Fluffy went straight to bed and slept most of the afternoon.

Myrtle's stepdad was to pick them up at 5, but before that Myrtle got a message to say he had been delayed. I have a headcold, and Fluffy was asleep, So I thought as soon as they go I will run a hot bath then have something to eat. We had bought the Pizza Hut dinner box the night before but no one was hungry so only the pizza and garlic bread got eaten, plus some of the pasta. I planned to have the leftover pasta for tea.

Oh, before I go further I must tell you of my personal week. Monday I had to go for an x-ray to see if a cause for my reflux could be found. There it was, a small bulge on my esophagus, which meant food was just sitting there and not going through, causing the reflux.

On Friday I had my doctor's appointment to review the x-rays, and he deflated my band. It has to stay that way for a month to give time for the little blow-out to correct itself. What does this mean? I can eat normally again. I don't want to, and I am going to have to be very careful I don't overeat and undo all that hard work. But if I am not thinking it would be very easy to overeat. Like today, I had a 6" Subway. Once, I would be able to eat only 3/4 of it but today I could easily have finished it. I made myself leave the last little bit...

Anyway, back to my story. The girls were collected about 7.00, just after Grease had started on the telly, so I ran my bath. On walking back past the bedroom I saw Fluffy was awake. Darn. I wandered in to see if he wanted dinner. No, just a cup of coffee. He stayed put for a bit. I asked about his pain level, he said he wasn't game to move to find out.

Eventually he did wander out for a while, but we were both back in bed by ten.

Today, Sunday, the pain is still there, and he did take pain killers, but it is far less severe than yesterday. He slept better last night too. He was game enough to come out with me today.

Remember that table cloth I finally found yesterday? Well, when I took it out of the packaging, it hadn't been hemmed at all! It was just a raw edge! I had to take it back today. When we had done the deed, I told Fluffy I was thinking of buying Hermione a good bag for when she goes for sleepovers. When she comes here, she has one small bag with clothes, another with bits and pieces, her pillow, a toy or something, and her shower bag. She needed one to put everything but the pillow in. He helped me look at a few and get ideas. We also found her, as her proper birthday present may not be back in time, a bath towel reduced to $7 with cherries on it.

Then he was good enough to drive me to Harbourtown so I could have a look at the $15 dresses Rivers has on special. While walking around to Rivers we passed several stores with bags. We went to Sintri and found a lovely glossy snake skin pattern green and yellow bag for Dobby, too, cause she needed on, and a blue sports type bag for Hermione for Christmas.

This is Dobby's bag. It looks so much brighter and far prettier in real life...

At Rivers I found the dresses on sale. They were various styles and black and grey, knitted in soft black. I bought 3. One was light weight jersey type material, long sleeved, smock style with indian type beading around the neck,

One short sleeved knitted, fitted around the bodice then coming below the knee,

and a 3rd long sleeved knitted, comes to above the knee.

All 3 will look great over leggings and calf length boots. I also bought a sleeveless grey marle long knitted cardi. Couldn't be bothered taking photos of those right now, maybe later.

Anyway, Dobby is due home in an hour or so, Fluffy is napping after his bit outing, and I am about to make a cup of tea. It's raining again, and time to put the heater on I think....


SOL's view said...

So you do notice the slackening of the band then? I would have thought that your stomach would still think it's there ...

The bracelets are lovely, aren't they. :) And no pic of the thongs?? Or are they the OTHER sort of thong... hee hee.

Froggy said...

If I get around to it I will put up a pic of the "flip flops" :-)

Butterfly Kissez said...

The bracelets are gorgeous!! *jealous* And I really wish I could do as much clothes shopping as you do! I badly need new clothes but will wait now until summer as all the winter stuff is now I need to buy new clothes for our holiday if I ever get around to booking it!

*hashi* bet they smoke that in Bali :P

JoeinVegas said...

Sorry about his back - some things you can't do much about.