Monday, 16 August 2010


So this week was another interesting one. I often wish I had a boring life. But then, what would I blog about?

This week work wise was great. Boss was away, as he will be first half of next week. As it is end of month, I have had a steady flow of stuff to do, but I spent most of the week waiting for one supplier's invoices. They came Thursday and Friday so now I need to wait for the accountant to finish June figures and I can roll over! Sound's dirty, doesn't it? haha.

Wednesday this week, I had a lucky break. I had entered a radio competition telling them my favourite 3 80's songs, and why. I chose Only for Sheep cause it reminded me of Moose, Careless Whisper by Wham and Cindi Lauper's Girls Just Wanna Have Fun cause they remind me of a friend I lost just after her 18th birthday in '84.

The station called me up to play spin the ticket wheel. Up for grabs were tickets to James Reyne (I wanted those), Jimmy Barnes at Denilliquin Ute Muster, Bon Jovi, and Pat Benatar. Or, you could win a family pass to the show. Which would suit me too because it was our year to go and this would mean we would have to go.

I got to play and I won show tickets. Picked those up Friday, so we are off to the show on Saturday 4th. Should be fun. We are taking Hermione, which will make it very expensive, but hey...

On Thursday at work, I had stepped out to the loo, and when I came back, a delivery person arrived. While letting him in I noticed some gritty bits of like pottery on the floor near the door. My first instinct was to look at the terracotta potplant on the bench. I thought it might be disintergrating, as the cement water feature has developed salt damp and leaks. But no, it's okay. Further inspection revealed two large holes in the wall! The workman next door, doing renovations, has drilled two bit holes, a couple of centimetres across, through my wall! So I went to tell him, he came and had a look, and said someone would come and look at it later.

Anyway, Thursday this week was Dobby's turn to go to hospital. I was sitting on my bed, watching the telly, and munching on a freshly cracked sugar Easter egg. Dobby can hear the crack of an egg, or indeed the rustle of a candy wrapper at 500 paces. No sooner was it in the Tupperware box, and she was there.

I gave her a little piece (I like to eat the little onces first) and she cracked up that it was such a small piece. I just stared at her and she flounced out of the room. On the way out she pulled the bedroom door shut. Now when she pulls a door shut, she has a habit of sliding her hand along the door as she walks past. This time, the door closed pretty quick, and she managed to get her left index finger jammed into the hinge corner of the door jamb.

Scream! I have never heard anything like it! We gave her some ice for it, and Fluffy asked her a series of questions - could she feel it? Could she bend it? No to both. After leaving it on ice for about fifteen minutes, it started to develop a slight lump. Off to the emergency ward.

Actually, I am quite surprised. They left about nine-thirty, and were home by eleven-fifteen. It has a fracture down the bone of the first joint. They taped it up and told her not to play sport.

WHAT??? Netball finals were on Saturday. We had to phone the coach and tell him she couldn't play what could be the most important game of the year. He was disappointed naturally but understood.

At the game on Saturday, she felt terrible. She was moody, which is understandable, and all her team mates dedicated the game to her (which I thought was lovely). It was a very close game, in fact ending at full time in a draw. They played into overtime, two 7-minute ends. But a few minutes in our centre tripped and rolled her ankle quite badly. This threw our girls off and the other team took off 4 goals ahead. Very sad. And naturally Dobby was so upset that she wouldn't be playing again this year. We have decided she can play summer netball. Just need to get the details.

She fortified herself Saturday night. It was Nan's 67th birthday party, way over at Craigmore. That's about 45 minutes drive for us. It started at seven and I told Fluffy we wouldn't stay long, as we didn't know anyone. But we got chatting, and fairly late Dobby got an offer to go for a drive to take someone home. They were gone an hour or so, so we didn't end up leaving until after eleven-thirty! Late night, but we got a sleep in Sunday morning. We also met Mary's son and daughter-in-law, and I think Fluffy liked them. We met a few other characters too, like the old man who has a young Thai woman living with him, as a "student", whom he says is 21 but we think more like 18.... draw your own conclusions there.

Hermione put on a turn at one point almost ruining a family photo with the birthday girl because her older cousin, who is a total bitch, was being annoying to her. She spat and turned her back and scowled. We all berrated her until she turned around, then we spoke to her after telling her she almost ruined her nan's party and that she is old enough now to rise above that other person's shit. She should learn to ignore her and not stoop to her level. Then I distracted her by chatting about the show.... whew...

So, backing up a little, on Friday the building foreman from next door came back to have a look at the damage. He said someone will come in next week and fix it. I told him Boss was very particular so they will end up having to paint the entire wall, he understood. While they were there I asked when my water would come back on, as the plumbers had turned it off. It should be back, he replied. Turns out the plumbers had cut off my water supply. So they had to come back and fix it. As Friday was my 3 year anniversary at the job, Boss told me I could leave at three. However, the plumbers didn't come back till after that. So I made sure they were okay to not have to come into my office, and I left about twenty past.

Sunday was work day for me. I did 3 loads of laundry, swept and steam mopped the floors, stripped and remade our bed and the van bed, ready for a northern interloper next month, put away some things in the van, made a cheesecake, made pea and ham soup, did the poo run, changed the cat litter tray (well, I had to do the litter tray, to get a bag of waste to put into a bucket, to put the dog poo in, to be able to hang the washing out, cause he likes to poo under my clothes line!)

Now back to work to relax a few more days....

UPDATE... got to work this morning and at first had trouble turning the tap on. When I eventually got water flowing, it wasn't anywhere near the pressure we used to get. Then I tried to turn it off. Whoops! The water won't turn off. It is still trickling out with the tap turned fully off. Stupid plumbers! I went and asked the young blokes next door to call them back for me. I hope they are not too long!


SOL's view said...

So the party wasn't a total loss after all.

Shame about the finger - but when you flounce out of the room you need to make sure you have your hands and arms inside the vehicle! :D

Butterfly Kissez said...

Wow nice week :) Yes funny how teens have to learn the hard way when they get their dander up!

some teens get a bit *triabbil*!!

Anonymous said...

fun fun love wally

JoeinVegas said...

The supposed to relax weekends seem to get filled up, don't they?

Pam Kellogg said...

Could I beg you to email me directly so I have your address on this computer? It's on my other computer but not this one. Still trying to figure out how to get my email address and bookmarks from the big one to the laptop! Arrgg.....

Thanks and hugs!

Micki said...

Congrats on the win! How nice for you!