Sunday, 1 August 2010

Okay, so you know I like a good bargain...

.... and, it's been pointed out a bit lately, I do like to shop a lot. But, bear in mind that I do also really only shop when it is a bargain.

So this week I have found the mother of all bargains. Back to that later.

This week at work was okay, not too stressful, not terribly busy. Busy enough in spurts to keep me, well, busy.

The usual netball practice on Monday night, with the team photos being taken this week. Dobby spent ages working on her hair and stuff, but I think they were practicing as well, so it probably was all mucked up for the photos. Guess we'll see, hey. Guitar on Wednesday.

Friday there was no school, so Fluffy took the day off to spend with Dobby. That was nice. I had to pay all the company bills so I couldn't do it. He decided to pick up the caravan too. It has been in having a side panel replaced because it had a dint in it. Just a little one. They replaced the decals on the side, but they are a slightly different colour to the other side. But I doubt anyone will notice. It certainly won't change how comfortable (or uncomfortable) the bed is.

Fluffy also picked up a new vent plate for the oven, as they replaced the fridge vent, which makes the other look yellowed. As it is.

Friday night, instead of me bringing dinner home, we decided to duck up to Nando's. Now, unless you are a South Aussie you probably don't know what Nando's is. It's a neat chicken place, that specialises in spicey chicken. I can't eat a lot, as you all know, so I usually order 4 tenderloins with a side of fries and a drink (which I take home and drink later).

No surprises there. I also bought Dobby a fundraising bracelet for $4.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. Friday I had to see my surgeon again. My reflux and heart burn has been getting a lot worse. Instead of a hit and miss affair with my medication I have been forced to take it every 2 days. This seems to work. But I wanted to find out why this was happening.

During weigh in it seems that I have gained another kilo. This makes 3 this year. Now, I know for you ladies out there, 3 kg is pittance. But as you know, I was 88kg for 3 years. To suddenly gain 3 now is not a good sigh. I wondered if this didn't have something to do with the reflux thing? That and the upping of my chocolate intake... bad girl.

He has sent me for an x-ray on Monday morning (fasting, of course) and a follow up visit on Friday. If this proves inconclusive I may need another endoscopy. Yay. Something to look forward to.

So, on with the weekend.

Saturday we had a visit with our family counsellor, which went past the hour but the lovely lass only charged us for the hour. Then a visit to the Chemist Warehouse, beside which there now exists my favourite cheap grocery store. So we had a quick shop in there. Then home for Netball. They played Grange, at Henley Beach, and man, it was so bitterly cold! There was no relief! Luckily us parents had sheltered under cover, but the wind still tore through us. My neighbour went to her car and brought back a blanket, so we looked like a pair of old nannas. But it was still cold!

Worth it, though, because our team won 37-18! At one point we were down a couple of goals so that's excellent for us!

Dinner Saturday night was a bake up again, this time no frozen pizza! Sunday it was decided a trip to the Caravan, Camping and Outdoor show was warranted. As I had a lot to do I begged off, and dropped them off at the showgrounds.

I proceeded to Marion, and my first point of call was Dick Smith, for a coaxial cable extension for Dobby's aerial. Plus an adaptor which it appears Fluffy didn't need. Then to Miller's for a voucher for a birthday gift (don't tell her though). While I was there I saw a couple of racks reduced to $13.95. I bought 3 tops.

this is brown with a false front in oranges and browns.

this has a false cardi type bit at the front, and again, in orange, brown and purple. very pretty.

this is in purples and black, and around the neck has a few rows of black square beads sewn on.

A quick trip to Big W for a cheap clock radio for Dobby, and to check out earphones to no avail.

Then I began the hunt for skate shoes for Dobby. Her existing pair, which we bought on the road at Christmas, are coming apart at the heel, and her older pair, from Sydney last year, are losing their tread.

I looked in all the sport shoe stores, all the dress shoe stores, and the surf shops. I found these:

But, at the store that had these black ones, I had the most help. The store manager ended up coming and helping, and I explained to him I only had $100 to spend, and if I could find high tops I would be happy. He wandered out the back to see what they actually had in stock.

He came back empty handed, but took this:

Off the shelf. It had a price tag of $179.95. I almost fell over. They are, as you can see, Nike SB, a very good quality shoe.

"I think this is our last pair, and if I can't find anymore out the back you can have these for $100.00." Wow, what a bargain! We had been having difficulty finding the right size shoe for her, and remember, she is at the caravan show with her dad, so I am texting her all these photos of shoes! There are others, too. I hurredly sent Dobby a photo of the shoes, then phoned her. Her response was "Those are awesome!"

Anyway, soon he comes back. Nope, they don't have any others. These look like they may be the right size too. Anyway, he said, if they aren't we normally don't do this, but you can bring them back for a store credit. Wow, must be my lucky day! I thanked them profusely, and made my way out to finish my shopping (groceries this time) and earphones from the cheap shop.

I picked up the troops from the caravan show, and took them home. After unpacking the groceries, I gave Dobby her shoes to try on.

You wouldn't believe it, they were A PERFECT FIT! Wow, how lucky was that??? I made sure I phoned the store back to tell them how pleased I was I was, and how much I appreciated their help. The little English fellow who took my call said "NO WAY!" He thanked me for my call, and told me how much he appreciated the feedback, and assured me he would pass my message onto the manager. So, if you are looking for skate shoes, go to DAILY GRIND opposite Wendy's at Marion!

So, then Fluffy moved the aerial in Dobby's room, where it now works perfectly, pulled some stuff out for her to put away, which she did without a fight, and we put in her clock radio as well so she can be responsible for getting herself out of bed. One of the things we discussed at the counselor was how I was the only one trying to get her to bed so we negotiated a new bed time, on the proviso that she get herself up for school and would have to walk if she were not ready to go when I was.

So quite a productive day. Dobby got the shoes of her dream, a new aerial in her room, and a clock radio, and she cleaned her room. I did her bed linen this morning for her, so now she's set for the week. Hope she keeps it clean now.

Me? I have just steam mopped the dining room and kitchen, just have to run the vacuum over the carpeted floors later today. For now, though, I think I will sit in the lounge under the heater and watch TV and eat lollies with Dobby.

Oh, and as a footnote, I decided to try out my dutch oven I received as a wedding present two years ago. I bought chicken drumsticks for the occasion. After heating the oven on the stove top, I added the drum sticks, then when they had sealed, put diced onion and carrot in with garlic and butter. I think my stove is on the way out - it keeps seeming to turn itself off...

Anyway, I put the dutch oven into the stove oven, and on the shelf above I put a tray with 3 oil coated potatoes for baking. Closed the oven, threw the pot mits down and did the washing up. Nex thing I noticed a funny smell. Turned around and found...

I had put the oven mits onto the hotplace that I had just used! Stupid girl! Dobby raced around and helped me close the doors before the fire alarm went off, and whipped on the exhaust fan. Wow, I sure know how to have an exciting day, don't I?

Catch ya next week.


Anonymous said...

lol wally

SOL's view said...

You'll have to let me know what the pot mitts tasted like! :D

*shakes head* You and your shopping! Although I will concede that the shoes were a bargain. Possibly. :)

Anonymous said...

Thought you were going to say you got a bargain from Millers like I did - 2 Dresses for $5! (They had a $5 rack and it was buy one get one free). They have Nando's in Rocky now. We tried them one night. Was not impressed. I think they use sparrows instead of chooks. Lucky we got a large chips to fill us up! Love Rat

Butterfly Kissez said...

WE have had Nandos here for about 6 or 7 years...not tried them yet as they are at Aspley and I'm too lazy to drive that far!

Love the bargain shopping that you do! Good job!

You know with our kids and their not getting up, we also made them responsible for themselves. We told them they could go to bed whatever time they wanted but they still had to be up in time for school and if they missed the bus they had to walk to school. It worked well! The boy stayed up playing WOW really late one night and we said nothing. He went to bed and overslept, missed the bus, begged to be left home from school. Was refused so at 9:30am he had to jump on his bike and go to school and was about an hour late for school then had to explain to the teacher why he was late. Mean? Nah...taught him to be more responsible and he is ALWAYS up before us now lol...