Monday, 4 October 2010

Aaaah, peace and quiet

This week has been one of the quietest I have had for some time. As Boss is still away I have been going slowly slowly at work. Although it's end of month, prior to that I had a couple of days where I wasn't really stressed. That helped. A trip to the accountant on the 30th to get some cheques signed, paid the bills, and that's about it. Then, Friday was my true start of end of month. It gets busy now, with customer pricing to do, bank reconciliations, invoices to get from suppliers and figures to get to the accountant.

But I only have this week of quiet before Boss comes back then I will have to make sure I am working again.

This weekend was lovely. On Thursday I got a message from Nan asking if Dobby was at home, as they were coming down this side of town and would stop in to see her if she was. She wasn't. But would she like to come back home with them for the weekend? You bet! So, 10.30 Thursday night Nan arrived to collect her.

So I had a perfectly child free weekend. We were supposed to go to Jamestown with the caravan club but Fluffy was offered overtime for the weekend. He took it. That meant, with Dobby away, and Fluffy at work, I had several hours each day alone.

Friday I worked but Boss phoned and told me to go early. I packed up at 4. Because it was too early to bring lazy tea home, when Fluffy got home after 5 we took Ozzie for a walk and bought fish and chips on the way home.

Saturday he went to work, and I pottered about the house. I had to run a few errands, so first I took Ozzie for a walk to the shop, did a spot of cleaning up, baked some biscuits, went out again to the supermarket, then had a lazy lunch out on the back patio in the sun. It was so lovely to see the sun! Then it was time to get the laundry in, vacuum the floors and wash the kitchen floor.

For dinner Saturday night I thought we could just bake some of the little snack type things I usually keep a supply of. Like Chicken Balls, Fish Fingers, and other little snack things. We ate it in the lounge watching TV.

Sunday I got up early because I was supposed to go to morning tea with my little old neighbour, but had some sewing to do before that.

See, ages ago Nan had asked me to make some arm covers for her lounge out of the leftover curtain material. Supid me agreed. So I figured while I was awake I would do them first. When Fluffy left at 5.45 I settled in at the sewing machine. I made six chair arm covers and two little pillows from the bit that was left.

Just as I was finishing up my neighbour called and cancelled. She was sick. Grr. So the pressure was off and I had the day to myself. I took Ozzie for a walk to the shop again, and picked up the fixings for cheesecake. Then pottered around the house. Cleaned up somewhat, did some laundry, remade the bed with clean sheets, and not much else.

When Fluffy came home I had showered and packed a toiletries bag, he had a quick shower, and it was off to pick up Dobby, then head over to Fairview Park for dinner with friends. It was lovely to sit around out there and just chat. We had nibbles first, then after 8 we had bbq dinner and salad. Lovely. As it was Fluffy's birthday, and a public holiday, on the Monday, we had the cheesecake for dessert and stayed over.

We all had separate rooms cause they only have 3 single beds, but it was still lovely. A slow get up this morning then head home. None of the others wanted breakfast up there so I waited till we got home too.

Now, we are home, Fluffy has opened his presents, and he has decided to clean up out the back.

As I have done most of the housework for the weekend I really don't intend to do much today. Probably catch an early night to get some of the sleep I missed out on last night (late night, different bed, you know what it's like).

So, that's my slow week. Makes for a boring blog, but man, it sure was needed! x


SOL's view said...

That sounds like a lovely weekend. All that time to yourself!

Chris H said...

I dream of nice slow weeks/weekends! And no kids... now that would be amazing. probably another 10 years to go... only 10!

Anonymous said...

You will have to try and wrangle some more weekends like that! Happy belated birthday to fluff! Love Rat

JoeinVegas said...

Good to have a quiet weekend once in a while.

Anonymous said...

nice love wally

Micki said...

My weeks always go fast, so nice to know your week slow.