Sunday, 24 October 2010

Is it time yet?

How much longer do you think Dobby will be at home? Ten years? Twelve? Because I could seriously get used to this "me" time I have had lately.

This week has been a struggle to get through at work. It's quiet, which means a lot of web surfing while trying to look busy, feeling like I just want to go back to bed. I took Dobby to guitar this week and surprised the heck out of everyone. Funny how predictable we become in life.

Friday she had netball again. Typical for her age group, she has been experiencing some difficulties with so called friends at school. Remember Myrtle? Well, she is being a right little pain at the moment, making Dobby's days very uncomfortable. She is part of a group of girls, who all seem to be gathering around Myrtle and leaving Dobby out. When she found another friend to hang around, that girl's friend joined Myrtle's group and they all sit around gossiping about Dobby and her friend. Argh, girl's are bitches.

Anyway, at netball, one of the girls who is part of the group plays in Dobby's team. While she herself has never been mean to Dobby, she just doesn't talk to her as much as she used to, but sits with the rest of the group and not with Dobby. At netball, Dobby was a big phobic about missing goals again, so was not as confident as normal. I don't know what her problem was because this other girl had the same issue.

But once she got her first goal she was on fire. She played 3 quarters and gave it her all. Even the coach noticed. After the game, a mutal so-called friend took the other girl aside and said, within Dobby's hearing, "Gee, Dobby is not a very good player is she". To her credit the other girl didn't answer but just gave a brief nod of her head. Poor Dobby was almost in tears.

We encouraged her as much as she could, telling her the coach was very pleased with her game.

On Saturday she had an umpire's training course to go to. She was very cranky at me (what's new) because I left her there and didn't stay, but when she phoned later in the day she said she had enjoyed it and was learning heaps. Whew.

Once I dropped her off I took some videos back, went to the Chemist, wandered down to Harvey Norman and collected a Slushie Maker we had ordered, then home for a bit. At 11.30 I picked up my lovely friend Marg, and we had lunch at Fasta Pasta at Henley Beach. She is so bright and sprightly for 77. I love spending time with her.

I bought lunch and she bought coffee and cake for dessert. They do lovely cheesecakes!

Back to her house for coffee, and she gave me a wonderful little Royal Albert tray, on which I sat the couple of other pieces I have.

Home at 3, then pick up Dobby at 3.45 from the netball courts. Fluffy had just gotten home so he came too. We took her straight around to her new friend's house for a sleepover. Aaaah, peace.

I reckon I could get used to being an Empty Nester. So could Fluffy. We just sat around, then made lazy tea - toasted sandwiches for Fluffy, nachos for me.

Today, he went to work (again) and I stayed in bed till 8. Then it was time to start the chores. I had breakfast then stripped the bed, ironed some pillowcases and Fluffy's work shirts, did some washing, then off to Officeworks for a scientific calculator for Fluffy. He is doing some course at Mawson Lakes next week.

A trip to KMart to look for work shirts next. While there I wished I had taken Dobby there for her prom dress. They have two lovely evening dress type things for around $3o. Bummer!

But anyway, I found one work top for me, which was sheer, so I bought a white singlet to wear under it, and also a sun dress for holidays, and a two-pack of bras for less than $20. All up, around $65. Not bad I thought.

Off to grab some fresh vegies and milk, then home. I made more nachos for lunch and then steam mopped the kitchen and dining room.

Soon, I will clear up the dining table of shopping bags and stuff, put the chairs back, vacuum the lounge, and change the cat litter box. Then it will be time to pick up Dobby. I hope she has enjoyed her weekend. I sure have....


Chris H said...


Yee Gods.. I have never ironed a pillowcase. Am I bad or what?

I hate ironing.

I would love to know what an 'empty nester' feels like... by rights we should have been childless (living at home) a good 2-3 years ago. *sniff*

Khris said...

Yes girls can be bitches...thank goodness mine know I would slap them into tomorrow if they treated anybody like that...and I am lucky that my girls have been very good mannered and wouldn't do that to anybody....but I would have confronted those little bitches myself...very sweetly of course but they would know that they were doing the wrong thing after I was finished with them.

I love the idea of the kids growing up and being able to fend for themselves....not saying I am not a sook when it has happened but I can let go quite easily. When you have a good bond we both know we are always there anyway.

Hugs Khris

SOL's view said...

Mmmmm. I remember how much fun Grade 8 was.

Butterfly Kissez said...

Ahhh yes teenage girls...if we could send them all over to the Middle East I'm sure the Taliban would be quivering in their boots right now and curled up in the foetal position sucking their thumbs...teenage girls are the ultimate evil...I still have one more kid to get rid of and at 21 I don't think he's making any plans to move either!

Butterfly Kissez said...

Oh and I don't iron pillow cases either lol...I iron only what I absolutely HAVE to :)

JoeinVegas said...

If you send her off to college you then have only 4 more years?

Micki said...

Sounds like you had a blast!