Monday, 18 October 2010

It's a girl!

You know, this week was so boring I almost forgot to blog about it.

At work, it was go, go, go. But who wants to hear about work?

On the home front, Dobby didn't have to go to guitar on Wednesday cause the teacher called in sick. So we did nothing all week.

Friday night was busy though. I had to stop at the doctor on the way home to get a pill script, and get him to have a look at some spots on my arms and face. He wants to biopsy 3 of them. One, the one on my forehead, was biopsied last year and came back as sun damage to burn off. But it would appear a cancer has come up under that spot. He also burned another spot of my other arm.

Then, grabbed Barnacle Bill's for dinner, raced home, ate that, then off to Harvey Norman for a look. Man, won't do that again! The place was super crowded! It took about 7 minutes to find out that the two things I would have liked to purchase on sale were not available. So she ordered them and I had to stand in line and pay a deposit. The line was so long I waited almost half an hour! But, just before the end I called Dobby and asked her to grab a metal barmix blender I had seen earlier cheap. She didn't know the one I meant, so the girl helped her. I said "Just a cheap one" and she came back with a plastic thing. But it was only $33 so who cares. Dobby can make smoothies again.

After that it was quick run up to Anzac Highway for Dobby's first Summer netball game. Considering she is playing in an age group higher than last season, they did well. They only lost by 4 goals. It was a good game. But man, was it cold! It was about 10 degrees, windy as hell and on the verge of rain. Disaster! Poor kids.

While there we put Dobby's name down for the umpire's course next weekend. Coach Ruth said it would be good experience for her and once she's done it, she can umpire any game.

Back home at 10 pm. What a day!

Saturday I promised Dobby I would take her to look at graduation dresses. She is only graduating year 7, but it's apparently a big thing here. They have a ceremony, formal photos etc. Silly, but it is important to Dobby so off we went.

First stop though was to see if we could get a whistle for her umpire's course on the weekend. The girl behind the counter told Dobby that once she has done the course, come down to ETSA Park stadium because there is always a shortage of umpires there on Saturdays and she could make up to $30 for the day if she wanted.

Which brings me to something else interesting that happened this week. On Wednesday Dobby came into the office, plunked herself on the desk and declared she wanted to make money. She brought in her Schedule of Fees, a notebook and a pen.

As Fluffy and I have always encouraged her to do chores for money we were happy to come up with suggestions. We have done up a list of a couple of things:

Washing up - 50c a day
Bringing the washing in - 50c a day
Feeding the animals - 50c a day.

This gives her the opportunity to make $10.50 a week.

As a bonus, every day she either does work in her room, or her room is clean, she earns another $1.50. And, if she does the dog poo run on the weekend, she earns another $5.

That is a total possible earnings of $26. This week she made $20.50, because her dad backdated it to last weekend, when she had done most of the first chores. She was happy.

Anyway, when it comes to dresses, that girl is very hard to please. We looked at all these lovely little feminine dresses but she hated them all. One dress she did like and tried on, suited her. She wanted that one. Lets keep looking I said. Sure.

She turned her nose at almost every other dress. One she did try on was too small. So after hours looking at dresses we had lunch then went back to get the first one. $90 later....

But she likes it. Typically, though, when we got home and she put it on again, this was wrong, that was wrong, but she insisted she still liked it. I won't put up pics because I'd like to wait till December for the main event. But needless to say, I do actually have a daughter after all...

Later we took a trip to the video store and Sunday saw us bludge most of the day watching movies and making Christmas cards. And chocolate cup cakes. Then race down and take the movies back.

Fluffy gave Dobby her money last night. We decided to make pay day Sunday evening so she is more inclined to hang on to it for a while. We even gave her a Kombi Van money box. One happy teenager.

I have had a killer headache for a few days now, and today, Monday, it's not getting any better. But, still, I am vertical so it can't be all bad. Next week hopefully I will have something good to tell you. Or worth writing about anyway. We shall have to see.


SOL's view said...

Whoo. At least she found a dress. Yes, I've learned don't go feminine with a teenage girl these days. Especially if they like to spend their time in jeans or shorts....

JoeinVegas said...

Be careful - she might soon be making more than you.

Miss LJ said...

WOW... year 7 graduation! I rember those days... only very vaguely though! Can't wait to see the pic of Dobby in her dress...