Monday, 11 October 2010

I could get used to this

I wonder what it is about Fluffy working every day that makes my weekend slower?

This week was my last week alone at work before Boss came back from overseas. Needless to say, I will miss the peace and quiet but there you go.

Dobby had guitar lessons again, and it was a struggle to get her to go this time. But she went. Luckily! It's been nice listening to her play her guitar and the keyboard. She doesn't do it seriously just plays around, but I will always encourage it.

Fluffy has decided to take whatever overtime he can get it, and sadly for us that means he is working every day. Non stop. No days off. I don't think he can keep it up personally but he is too stubborn to give up a day.

It does mean, however, that Dobby and I hang out together more. This weekend we decided that if she cleaned her room I would take her to see Diary of a Whimpy Kid. She did so I did. She also asked if I could take her to the beach. So as I had a couple of vouchers for the movies we decided to head down for the 10.40 viewing. Made it with time to sit and eat most of the popcorn before the show started.

She really enjoyed the movie too. It's a cute one, if you like kids. She does not read much. Hardly ever. But she devoured these books with a passion, so I knew she would like the pic. After that we came home, collected the dog, and headed up to Westbeach. It was so lovely out on Saturday. It got just a tad chilly by the time I was ready to go. Dobby didn't want to leave but she came without a struggle. The dog had fun but I wonder how I can teach him not to jump all over the towels and kick sand everywhere???

So, back home and on with a couple of chores before Fluffy got home. Boss had told me I could have a lovely roll top desk his mother in law had. So we made arrangements for us to pick it up Saturday evening. It is a lovely desk, a bit knocked around, and certainly not an old antique wooden one, but it is very classy and Fluffy loves it. His computer sits inside nicely and without clutter, just the way he likes it.

While we were there we noticed a couple of other bits and pieces, including a beautiful old clock, which Fluffy took a fancy to. I will put up more pics tomorrow. Anyway, yesterday morning I phoned Boss's wife and asked what would she consider a reasonable offer on a lovely china cabinet and old phone table/chair. She said I could have them, so back we went yesterday afternoon to collect them. The phone table is about to fall apart so it might need some TLC first. But the china cabinet was just right to replace the old one with one glass door (Dobby went through the other a few years ago) which houses all of Fluffy's old fob watch and travel alarm collection. It looks good. As I said, photos tomorrow.

Anyway, yesterday morning my friend Marg was coming for a visit so as soon as Dobby woke up I asked if she wanted to make our planned cupcakes early so we could have them when Marg came. She agreed.

She helped me make the cakes, and we had the bright idea of dividing the mixture into 3, adding pink food colouring into one, and hot chocolate powder into the another. Then spooning them into the patty pans to make rainbow cakes. And when they were in the oven they looked great. Sadly, when they came out they all sagged in the middle and looked rather odd.

But, I did ice them anyway and this is the result:

And I can tell you, they were very moist and tasty. Yummo! Delicate little ones they are, not big at all.

Anyway, I also cut some fresh flowers from my garden before she came too:

Then, when Marg left we wandered down to the shop with the dog, get him out of the house, for some sour cream. Back home I made nachos for lunch with the leftover taco mince. Plus, I bought fresh avocados and made guacamole. I have never made that before and it was divine!

Anyway, slow afternoon then until Fluffy got home, and we picked up that furniture.

Now I am just trying to win on Ebay a dress Dobby has her heart set on for Graduation at the end of the year. I don't want to pay a fortune cause she won't wear it again, but it's the one she wants. What to do? What to do?


SOL's view said...

Lol. What to do? Miss the end of the bidding....

Yes, how CAN you teach the dog not to jump on the towels? There's something for the world scientists to work on. :D

The good thing that if cup cakes fall in the middle you can hide it with icing. Bonus!

Froggy said...

Sadly, I did miss the end of the bidding. Sigh. I'll have to sit with her tonight and look at a couple of others. But she was quite passionate about that one :-(

Anonymous said...

nice all sounds good love wally

Chris H said...

Crickey dick, so much to comment on!
Bummer you missed out on the dress for Dobby.
Cupcakes look lovely.
Looking forward to the photos of your new stuff.

Anonymous said...

Yeh don't forget the piccies of the furniture. Here you are getting free furniture and we just bought a china cabinet! At least I won't have to dust all my nic nacs now! Love Rat

JoeinVegas said...

Graduation? Already? You need some little kids in that house again.