Monday, 30 May 2011

Cough Cough

So we've had a rather slow week this last week. Not much to write about so it'll be a short one.

The only exciting thing to happen was Fluffy got sick. Sad, isn't it? He never gets sick. When he phoned me Thursday before I had even left work and said he was almost home, he'd left work early because he wasn't' feeling well, I knew he had to be sick.

I made him a doctor's appointment for the next day and put him to bed.

Friday I had made arrangements to meet my walking buddy (with whom I never get time to go walking) to meet for a quick cuppa up at the local deli. Fluffy's appointment was for just before that so I was hoping he'd phone before I left. He did.

He said the doctor sent him straight down for an x-ray, which he got immediately, and after the radiologist phoned the doctor straight away. He has pneumonia and a cracked rib. Poor baby, no wonder he's in pain.

When he gets sick he does it properly. Anyway, the doc was quite worried and surprised that Fluffy had lasted that long before seeking help. Apparently his lungs were full of shadowy deposits of gunk. The doc gave him antibiotics and ordered him to bed, with strict instructions that if it was no better Saturday he was to phone the doc, who would admit him to hospital. In the mean time he was bedridden till at least Tuesday.

So, Fluffy has spent the weekend reading and resting. He got up a few times to tinker, but soon headed back to bed.

I took Dobby out for the day Saturday. We were supposed to meet a friend for lunch but she too is ill so I went out early and ran some errands, munchies for Fluffy at the cheap grocery store, and magazines and stuff from the Newsagents to keep Fluffy occupied. Then I picked up Dobby and took her out to Harbourtown to spend her Smiggle voucher and find new school shoes (3rd pair this year, can you believe it? The soles keep coming off them, and they are all different brands!). Anyway, we found the shoes, spent the voucher, and toddled off home.

She was supposed to have a friend over Saturday night but with Fluffy ill we decided not to do that, so the friend offered to take Dobby instead. So a little after 4 I dropped her off.

Then went home to assemble a TV shelving unit thing (sorry, forgot photos). I cooked some dodgy fish and potatos for Fluffy and I, took his into him, and settled in front of the telly. He had dinner in bed Friday night, Breakfast in bed Saturday, I bought Subway for lunch Saturday and he got that in bed too, then dinner Saturday night.

Sunday I got up fairly early to take care of some more housework and cleaning up. Fluffy at breakfast with me at the table then did a little tidying while I was doing other chores. He retired back to bed and after making some sandwiches for Fluffy's lunch, I went to pick up Dobby and her friend and take them to the movies. I had won a double pass to see Burke and Hare (see trailer here). Very, very funny.

Then, we went looking for a pencil case for the friend, and to JayJays for both girls. Dobby got very distressed because she couldn't find anything she liked to fit. She has put on a couple of kg recently... so her mood soured terribly. Sigh...

We stopped for a very late lunch at Maccas and I took the friend home. Then Dobby cheered up a little and we made our way home.

Boy, did I get a shock when I checked the bank account. I don't go shopping much (well, little stuff here and there) but this weekend, after buying lunches, movie munchies, groceries, magazines, a fluffy robe for Fluffy, pajamas for myself, I went through a heck of a lot of money.

Anyway, the weekend wasn't over for me. More housework with ironing and cooking, room service for Fluffy, and then by the time it was bedtime I was exhausted. I made two more pages of mother's scrap book and fell into bed about ten. Whew.

So, there you go. Boring week for the most part. Next week will be interesting, we're going costume hunting!


SOL's view said...

Whoo! Costumes. I'll expect to see a photo or two about that.

A slow week for you then. :)

Chris H said...

Poor Fluffy... I hope he's much better now.
Costume shopping eh? What for????

JoeinVegas said...

Get better Fluffy!!!