Monday, 16 May 2011


So this week was the weekend away that almost was. See, we were all set to go away this last weekend, but then Thursday night realised we had our dates mixed up! We had the car hooked up, groceries purchased, and even got the new dog bed:

Then, Fluffy happened to phone one of the other members, and we realised we had totally mixed up the dates. It's next weekend! Face palm for sure!

Anyway, it's a good thing too. The week and indeed the weekend, was cold and wet. We seem to be in a permanant state of cold lately. Can't seem to get warm. I took these recently on the way home from work, just with the phone camera so they're not great, but you get my drift anyway.

Also, Dobby has changed guitar nights. She now goes on Monday evenings at 5, just before I get home. Why? Because she has joined school netball. We were unsure when they were playing, just that it was Wednesday.

Turns out she plays after school Wednesdays so now I have to pick her up from the local sports stadium. Luckily it's not far away, and hopefully she'll be just ready to go when I get there. She is worried about waiting on her own for me. She'll be fine once she gets into the swing of it, but these funny little insecurities are beginning to pop up now more than ever. Refuses to take public transport now because she doesn't like taking a bus on her own. She used to go with friends. Then she discovered the "school" bus, and takes that. Never mind, I prefer she takes that one anyway, gets her home earlier!

Note to self - forgot to leave money for guitar for tonight. Du-oh! Blonde.

Anyway, remember last week I said I had to visit the sign writer for Fluffy? This is what he got done.

Luckily he phoned me because what he wanted wouldn't have fitted. I decided to measure it while talking to him and he realised it didn't fit. So I told him what he needed. Unfortunately he didn't speak to the fellow again and I had to give him the changes.

Anyway, what do you think? I had to guess at the colour too. Well, Fluffy told the guy he wanted it in blue. Blue, I asked? Why? The new van colours are silver and maroon.... Oh....of course! We had the last van for ten years so it's difficult to get used to new stuff. But when I picked the colour from memory, and we stuck it up there, it's pretty close to the maroon tick above the word Stirling. Doesn't look it in this pic, but it is.

Anyway, another week down and a weekend spent bludging. Shopping again. I found some crafty things to add to my collection for mum's scrap book, and Dobby needed new netball shoes (her others had no sole left and holes in the sides).

Plus, I don't know if anyone else watched the Eurovision contest over the weekend? We did. I LOVED it. Particularly loved Serbia.

Final Eurovision 2011 - Serbia HD by alexandru2006

Dobby liked Denmark...

and I also liked Iceland

But it sure was hard to choose! Another good one was Ukraine. Check them all out. Fantastic!

Anyway, I'm at work so I had better go do some, yes?


SOL's view said...

Oh. Oh dear. Definitely a face palm moment. LOL! Love it.

I've not watched Eurovision for ages. So long.

Butterfly Kissez said...

I love the van! This is what I want when we finally get around to getting one and start our "Grey Nomads" journeys lol.

Wow as for Eurovision I think the last time I watched ABBA won?? Lol well maybe not but it has been sometime...I think it was one in the 90's sometime and some obscure group won lol.

Chris H said...

I have never watched Eurovison, glad you enjoy it.
Cold! Wow it's been so warm here I was starting to think winter was never coming.... until today. It's cold today. finally! lol
Doofuss moment realising you had the wrong weekend eh?

Anonymous said...

Was the van supposed to be called inspector gadget? Love Rat

JoeinVegas said...

Now you still have next weekend to look forward to instead of remembering last weekend.

Froggy said...

No, Rat, just the Gadget Man. Our last van was dubbed the Swiss Army Van by the club, and Fluffy was named Gadget Man. He stuck with it.

Mind you, his mother-in-law knitted him an Inspector Gadget doll. He loves it :-)