Monday, 15 August 2011

It's hard to think of titles every week

so this week I won't bother.

What a week. Its been rather slow, but somewhat stressful. Dobby complained on Sunday night of stomach pains and the runs. Plus a headache and her cold was again causing her grief.

As this has been going on for weeks I decided to take her to the doctor. We went on Monday night. He suggested a whole blood work regime, and a urine sample, and if nothing showed up, perhaps a psyche visit. I suggested perhaps she has an aversion to school... Her stress test showed mild stress levels.

Tuesday she stayed at home again. Tuesday evening it's discovered her phone is missing. As she still hadn't unpacked from the weekend away I wasn't too worried.

Wednesday she proclaimed herself well enough to go to school because she wanted to play netball. She went. Complained all day apparently, but went anyway. They won at netball. Dobby reckons they played sucky for the first quarter until her taxi load arrived. Apparently the powers that be forgot to book a bus so had to order several taxis instead.

Anyway, Wednesday night, after guitar (she didn't go Monday because of the doctor app), she was still not feeling great, and in fact went to bed early. So I decided it wasn't worth sending her and kept her home the rest of the week.

As she had her monthlies this week the doc suggested delaying the bloods until finished. Then, because she didn't go to school we didn't get the opportunity until Saturday morning. We rocked up there nice and early, and she did her bit.

Then a quick stop at the supermarket and it was home again.

And you know what? We turned that house upside down, and her phone has not shown up anywhere. On Sunday evening she cleaned her room a bit more, but it still eludes us. The only thing we can think of is that she dropped it out the car at the video shop on Sunday afternoon, but her father originally thought she was using it to show him a video on Sunday or Monday evening. It's a complete mystery...

And, of course, it's flat so phoning it does not good at all... If there are any psychics out there willing to help, we'd really appreciate it!


SOL's view said...

She didn't leave it at the park after the rally? Damn but I hate it when phones go missing!


**baremac** yep, my mac is pretty bare!

Froggy said...

SOL, we phoned the park, the newsagents, the video store, the IGA. No one has seen it. None of her friends have seen it either, whom she was sharing with on the weekend. Vanished!

JoeinVegas said...

Does she go through phones often?

Anonymous said...