Monday, 8 August 2011

The Week That Was

well... interesting.

At work, Boss was back so I had to actually do some. However, it was good because he brought me back some gifts. I'll try to post photos through the week, this is just a quick note.

First, he gave me, as I had asked for, a cheap "knock off" watch. It's a Bvlgari copy. Yes, that's how it's spelled. Apparently Mrs Boss bought herself one the same but hers stopped the next day. I did discover that I cant' get it wet though... It's silver, with a traditional stainless steel linked band, a navy blue face, and a date window. Plus it has a large numerical 12 and 6. I like it.

Then, also in the bag was a Tiffany necklace, chosen by Mrs Boss. It's a silver snake chain, with a circle on the bottom approx 2cm across, with Tiffany & Co embossed in it. I couldn't find a picture on the website so I'll have to try to photograph it later.

I also received several DVDs, so that was nice.

There was a caravan rally this weekend, and Fluffy went early. He was going to go Wednesday but decided to leave early Thursday morning instead. I got a call around ten saying he was sitting outside the park waiting for the attendant to come back. It seems she had an appointment in Willunga, came all the way back just to open the boom gate for him, and left again. He was the only van there...

He chose himself a site, set up the van, and sat back to relax. As other older members of the club started to arrive, he was given the instructions to let them in and help them onto a site, as she was still away.

Dobby and I bought chinese for tea on Thursday. Well, I bought it on my way home from work. Never buying from that Noodle Box again. It used to be lovely there. This time, I couldn't understand a word the bloke on the register said, and when I finally got home, the boxes were so sodden they split and the bag filled up with water. I had ordered Honey Chicken, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Fried Rice, and a pack of 3 spring rolls.

What I got was a bag of water, two boxes of spinach and onion, a fried rice, and a steamed rice. Both the chicken dishes contained barely any chicken, and tasted so washed out they had no flavour. One had a few chunks of pineapple so we guessed that was supposed to be sweet and sour. No spring rolls... Absolutely terrible.

We ate some of it, and binned the rest.

On Friday I got to work a half day. That was nice. Boss was working from the beach house, so it was quiet. I had to work very hard to get done my chores before I left. But I managed to head out just after noon.

First stop was The Pug Mill pottery place, where I took Bertha for firing. If you don't remember, Bertha is the clay bust I did in January. She's all set to get fired this week. Can't wait!

Then, a quick trip to the shop for lunch stuff and a few emergency rashions, then home. I hadn't done any washing apart from the towels, which went into the dryer before work, as the weather looked nasty. By the time I got home it had fined up, so I stripped the bed, washed the clothes, and remade the bed ready for our return on Sunday.

I hung the sheets on the patio line, and the clothes in the lounge on an airer. At about ten to three I set out to pick up Dobby from School.

We ducked back past the house to check if the postie had been (no mail) and hit the road. We left about half three, and arrived about ten past four. The park was lovely! We had an ensuite site, which I reckon should be compulsory! They are soo much better.

Fluffy wasn't too happy to see us, I don't think. Dobby is not the tidiest person and of course the minute she arrived, his pristine set up was mucked up. Not much I can do about that.

So anyway, we pottered around, spoke to people, then at six headed up to the local pub for dinner. There was eleven of us, so it was a nice evening.

Till we got home and Fluffy realised he had lost his glasses. All the next day he searched. They are brand new, with Transition lenses too. Not a happy camper. It was my fault, of course, because he went out for a smoke and left us inside, and when we were ready we followed him out. I should have picked them up.

But, after phoning the pub, visiting it, they still hadn't turned up. The rally had it's AGM meeting on Saturday at two, and we all traipsed along to that.

I am now an official committee member, with my first meeting this Thursday. Fluffy is the Safety Officer (not a committee position, but an important position anyway). He kinda got dobbed in for that, and didn't refuse the nomination.

After the meeting we all hung around and then had a club-shouted dinner of chicken, chips and salad. It was very good and everyone had fun.

After, we all came back to the park and settled around the camp fire.

It rained on and off all weekend, with the hardest falls on the way home from the pub. Some members came just for the AGM, others took cabins and stayed just overnight. It was a very enjoyable weekend.

Fluffy bought Dobby an new 30-second-tent. She had two friends sleep over. It rained so much that the tent leaked a bit. But it's a great tent and very easy for her to put up with minimal help.

As we were packing up on Sunday morning, Dobby came running over. She'd found Fluffy's glasses! They were tucked down beside the seat in the car! I had looked in the driver's side, thinking they had fallen out of his pocket, but hadn't thoroughly searched the passenger side. Apparently she dropped a pen, and when she was fishing about she found the glasses. He was very happy!

On the way home, Dobby and I took a detour to the video shop. Fluffy got home before us, and told me he couldn't park the van on the boards it usually sits on. Why not? The front yard was so badly sodden, it had pooled in places. The car couldn't get any traction to push the van up onto the boards. The van itself had made deep grooves in the grass. If I owned the house, I'd pave that area...

Even the back yard was so sodden you could hear it squelching underfoot. Amazing!

Anyway, it's time to go to work. Dobby is home sick again today. I suspect she has developed an aversion to school, so I am taking her to the doc today to get it sorted.

Catch ya soon.


Chris H said...

Clearly you have a really nice boss... I look forward to photos of the gifts.
AND a 30 second tent? Wow, sounds good to me.

SOL's view said...

Shame it had to be raining. But you seemed to have had a good time anyway.

Chris H said...

thanks for the video chick... that tent is AMAZING! I want one!
Better not tell Stew though cos he would just say 'impulse buyer' at me!
But I can see how quick and simple it is to put up. I reckon it would be neat at the beach for sitting in/under/storing all our picnic stuff etc!

Anonymous said...

Got ya email frog! I can't send any back yet because I haven't activated outlook, thanks to stupid cow at harvey norman who sold us the wrong microsoft office program. Will be in touch soon! LOVE RAT

JoeinVegas said...

Hard for the doctor to cure that aversion to school disease.