Monday, 1 August 2011

Where does the time go?

I swear, the weeks are getting shorter. It's not like I'm sleeping through them, cause I seem to be getting less sleep each night too. But nowdays life just seems to fly by.

This week has been monumentally boring. Nothing happened. Again.

It was my last quiet week at work with Boss overseas. Have to love that. Dobby wanted me to pick her up on Wednesday after school because there was no netball, and bring her to the office. With the boss out of town I thought why not? So, a quick trip to the accountant's office, then dash to school and pick up the kid, then bring her back here to work. She helped me for the afternoon, then we again went back to the accountant's office and dropped some stuff off.

On the way home we figured we'd go unhealthy and bought KFC. Meh. Who cares? Already fat, what's another kg, right?

On Saturday we made arrangements to take the Fairmont in for a tune up. All they do is replace the air filter and spark plugs. As it will be towing the van this week we thought we'd get it done first.

Also, Fluffy wanted to go to the Caravan, Camping and Outdoor Show, and Dobby asked if she could go too. So bright and early Fluffy and I dropped off the car.

When they were ready I took them down to the show, intending to have several hours to myself. First, though, I had to go to the chemist for Fluffy's pills. While there the workshop phoned. The car is ready. I agreed to go down and pay for it, pick up the key, and wait till Fluffy was done before picking it up. No worries, they said.

So, I still had to go to the post office and pick up a parcel that had been waiting there since Monday. As it wasn't our closest post office, it was too out of my way to get to within weekly business hours.

So, off to pick up that. It turned out to be the new Telstra T-Hub. Ours (the second since September last year) was not working properly. Back to the car place and pay for the tune up. I also had to pay for new spark plug leads as one had broken in 3 places. $80 more, but we were told about that first. They didn't charge for labour for that one.

Anyway, a quick trip to the shop for lunch supplies, and it was home to kick back for a while and watch Dexter.

About ten minutes into lunch, my phone rang. We're ready, can you come pick us up? Darnit! What happened to my peace and quiet and ME time??

I was told I could finish my lunch first though, which I did. We picked up the Fairmont on the way home and all was good.

The rest of the afternoon was quiet. Apart from Dobby helping me set up the new T-Hub, I didn't do much.

Sunday I promised Dobby I would take her to see Harry Potter. I had free tickets so we chose that movie to use them on. After vacuuming the floors, stripping the bed, and doing two loads of washing, we headed down to the cinema. It was great! We really enjoyed it. After we ducked across to Cheap as Chips and I bought more scraboooking supplies, plus a second album for Mother's birthday next year.

Then it was grocery shopping and back home.

I had to put the shopping away by myself, because Fluffy was home from work and fluffing about outside with the caravan. Dobby was being Dobby and unhelpful. I finished that, then had to put a roast in the oven and get the washing in. First, though, I had to peg out one that wasn't done when we left home that morning.

Then, it was doing some odd jobs around the house, finish dinner, wash up, make sandwiches for today's lunch, and stand there ironing. I think I finished about 8.45. As a new Midsomer Murders was on ABC I decided to forgo my bath, in which I was going to have my evening chamomile tea and a treat of 3 liqueur filled chocolates I had bought Saturday, and plonk in front of the TV instead.

Once the movie was over it was quick shower then into bed. I don't think I even remember Fluffy coming to bed...

This week will be more exciting, but I'll tell you all about that next time!

Oh and today is Moose's birthday! Big 39! Hopefully she'll do something nice for herself next year, being 40 and all that! Hope you have a great day, chookie! Mwah! xx


SOL's view said...


I'm exhausted just reading about your weekend. Whew.

Chris H said...

Your week didn't sound boring at all!

Anonymous said...

awww thank you. see i told you i read them... yes, next year will be a big party - including dress up!!! YAY!! xxxx moose

JoeinVegas said...

What? A teenager being an unhelpful teenager?