Tuesday, 10 January 2012


So, as I have already described my holiday, I'll just put up some pics. I will add, though, that last weekend we went back down to pick up the van. This time Dobby came with us, and as some of the club came back for the weekend too, there a young lass to keep her company. We all had lunch on the Saturday at the local hotel, and when we walked back to the ice-cream store, outside which our car was parked, Fluffy noticed something under the windscreen.

It was a purple note with an apology, and personal details. Seems a fellow had swiped Terry while parking his car. The note was obviously written by his girlfriend, but when Fluffy contacted him he accepted full responsibility and has done everything through is own insurance.

Fluffy has booked the car in to get repaired on Monday next week, but the insurance company won't give him a car until the day after the car goes in. So tell me, how does he get from the repair mob, to work, then home, then to the car people to hire one? Hmmm. Never mind, he'll work something out.

So, on with the show...

This first batch were taken at Meningie, on a lovely part of the South Australian coastline called The Coorong, at the edge of Lake Albert, Christmas Day.

This time last year this lake had hardly any water in it.

The second batch of photos was at Goolwa, on the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia. Dobby went to Streaky Bay with another family while Fluffy and I met up with some of the caravan club for a few days. Lots of relaxation here.

The above was for our dress up night for New Year. I was Cyndi Lauper. Looked terrible but fun night.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the scenery. Catch you next time.


SOL's view said...

Thank you for the photos. They look great. :)

Chris H said...

HOW NICE of them to leave their details. Many wouldn't have.
Love all the photos.