Sunday, 29 January 2012


So, another rally down and dusted, the first for 2012. This one was a ripper, too. Australia Day themed, for obvious reasons.

We decided to go up after work on Wednesday 25th. I didn't want to, but I'm mighty glad we did. Dobby was the oldest kid there again (she hates that) so she only had one other little 6 year old girl to keep amused. The rest were boys and other kids she didn't really know.

We arrived just on dark on Wednesday, and it was blowing a gale, so we didn't even put up the awning. We just put up the tent. But because it was so windy, Dobby dragged her mattress into the van and crashed on the floor. We followed one fellow and is partner in their van, which was good. Another couple of families were there, along with several families who wanted to "check us out".

Thursday we awoke to even stronger winds. At least it was cool. We just dagged about for the day, with the rest of the attendees arriving through the day. It was very relaxing just to sit and not move. We did put up the awning and a piece of rubber flooring acted as a wind break.

Thursday afternoon we met another couple, who just happened to ask us about Terry, as they were interested in buying a new one. They found we were with the club and let slip they were discreetly checking us out. Well, we put paid to that. We introduced them to all the other members and they spent the rest of the day with us.

As we were all "on holiday" we had dinner at the pub. Man, that was sooo much fun. This new couple are hysterical and it turns out they live right up there with most of the group (not us, we are on the wrong side of Adelaide) and in fact knew some of them (friends of the kids, a soccer mum, that type of thing). They fit right in with our twisted sense of humour so it was a fantastic dinner.

On Friday the wind finally dropped. Also, my friend and her husband arrived. They too want to check us out. He is a lot more sedate than us, so I'm not sure how they will go... We had our customary morning tea, and at treasurer time where we pay our entertainment fees for the weekend, Stewie and Sue joined up. So much for a discreet look! So they were just part of the team, as if they had always been there.

After lunch the kids had kids club, which was really just playing at the playground down the street. Then at what is usually "happy hour", we had Australia Day games. This consisted of a heck of a lot of noise and much laughing.

We were divided into 4 teams, making sure to separate families as much as possible. First game we had to draw a picture of Australia, with all the states and capitals (in the right place, if you please). We also had to then list all the ingredients of Anzac Cookies.

Then we had to bounce some orange ping pong balls into a white bowl. My team won that (naturally! haha!). Then we moved outside for a Thong Throwing competition. For all you Americans, that would be a flip flop to you. Again, one of my team won that!

Our 4 teams then had to first walk with a balloon between the knees, but we could pass it between players with our hands, cause there were lots of kids. We won that... After the indignity of that, we had to use toothpicks and transfer a little lamington finger without breaking it. We won that too, folks!

We saved a couple of games for later that night. First we had a sausage sizzle provided by the club, with families donating salads to share. That was great, except it was sooooo hot! The clear cafe blinds were still down on the camp kitchen we took over, and there was no breeze at all.

After dinner we reconvened for the last of the games. We were asked a series of questions, after which our map and question sheets were collected and scores tallied. Our team, the Bilbies, won. It was a great day.

Saturday after morning tea a lot of us decided to go across to Stansbury to the markets. We have friends in Stansbury so after we checked them out we had a bite to eat and stopped by. John was away at boles but we saw Margaret for a lovely chat.

After that we decided we would join some others at Point Turtin. You may remember we have spent a couple of Christmases there. We thought they were going to do some swimming but instead we found they had gone 4WD driving on the beach. Terry is an AWD, which is sort of 4WD. However, we did get stuck in the sand. Divine providence came through because Stan and Yvonne just happened to be coming the other way and pulled us out. Our friends has heard our plea for help as well and met us up there.

We followed them back to the beach and got lifts down to the water (leaving Terry up on the sand). However the tide was coming in fast so we got out of there.

Now, I am a chicken when it comes to new things. And I was scared. Of the sand driving, getting bogged, and the last bit. In order to leave the beach we had to go over a sort of boardwalk thing. Which was, of course, 4WD only. It was two large hills, covered with boards, some of which were sticking up quite high, over sand dunes. We had to drive down toward the water and take a run up.

Well, we went bouncing over, bottoming out a few times, and jolting a bit. I couldn't help be scared, and the others gave me hell for it. Seems that every thing I said was taken as whinging, and Dobby kept lecturing me and carrying on.

I just wanted to curl up and cry. The others laughed at me too, and it really did hurt. I will just have to keep facing my fear until I have conquered it, because I suspect I am in for a lot more of it.

Anyway, we got out okay and went back to camp, and it was time to sit in the shade with a drink. The clouds started rolling in, and the weather cooled to something far more pleasant.

We played club game, after which I looked behind me and saw the most fantastic sunset through storm clounds (we didn't get any of it, but it sure made the weather cooler for a bit).

I was going to put up photos but because my computer now runs so bloody slowly, you can check out some of them for yourself here:

Sunday it was time to face reality and come back to town. We were packed and ready to go by morning tea, so a small convoy of Al and Sue, Stewie and Sue, Leanne, and us headed back together.

We stopped in Dublin for lunch, and Dobby and I ordered wedges. They were in one of those styrofoam divided take away containers, and because they had run out of sour cream, we just had chilli sauce. But man, those were the BEST wedges we have ever had. Crispy as!

After about 45 minutes it was time to go. We got home around 3pm. Now it's down time. Dobby has everything out ready for school tomorrow, Fluffy has put away his stuff, and I have done two loads of laundry and downloaded my photos from the camera. I got a fright because twice it was interrupted so I thought I had lost the pics. Whew! I didn't.

Anyway, next rally is in February. I may have something to post next week, but don't hold your breath. Not much happens in my life... :-)


SOL's view said...

Dublin hey. That's a long way to go. :)

I hate it so much when you're genuinely having a hard time dealing and people belittle you for it. I have to try really hard not to lash out and beat the crap outta them.

But it sounds like you had a great weekend otherwise!

JoeinVegas said...

Wait a minute - if Terry is all wheeled drive, and has four wheels, why is that not considered a four wheeler?

Chris H said...

Your weekends away sound like so much fun! Wish I could come too.