Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Back to it then

So, when it's all done and dusted, one has to wonder if it really happened.

We just had the best holiday ever. Away ten days, some with Dobby, some without. I don't have pictures yet, as we are actually going back on the weekend to pick up the van and the camera is still there (along with my make up and hair brush - someone wasn't thinking straight then!)

I was supposed to finish work at 1pm on Thursday 22nd December. I had made a physio appointment for my back for 3pm. Sadly, there were delays and I didn't get away until 3 so missed the physio appointment. Will have to try fit one in this week...

I was planning to have Friday at home to get everything ready for our trip, but Fluffy wanted to leave early. He arranged with the Lake Albert Caravan Park at Meningie to come a day early and we were off.

We had planned to leave a noon, and we did. I managed to get the washing out and back in before we left. Left the key out for the cat lady and we hit the road. It takes about two hours to get there, and we arrived with plenty of time to set up. Our site was a nice large one, so we could put the awning extension out, along with Dobby's tent. The weather was lovely too, which helped.

We stayed there until the 27th. I got some lovely sunset photos from Meningie, and some of the birds on the lake, which backed onto the caravan park. We didn't do anything, except for Christmas. I, as always, got some lovely gifts. I feel very spoiled!

On the 27th we packed up, took our time, and headed across to Goolwa. Some of the SAPI caravan club were camping behind the Scout Hall, which backs onto the Goolwa Channel, a fresh water water system. Again, we were so lucky with the weather. The first part of our time there was actually quite cool, with our van being the best wind break from the cold sea breeze.

But I digress. We got the van set up, and then brought Dobby back into town, in preparation for her trip to Streaky Bay with Sarah and her family. We dropped her off and headed back down to Goolwa (about an hour out of Adelaide).

The next few days were pure bliss. It was lovely to have all the kids around, yet there was so much time to just stop. We got plenty of rest, great company, and a wonderful New Year.

We had a dress up theme, 80's singers, complete with terrible impersonations. Luckily not too many actually sang, but there was a lot of miming and lip syncing. Fun! I was Cyndi Lauper and did "Money Changes Everything". Sadly, I looked really, really bad...

Anyway, I kept receiving updates from Dobby. Poor kid. On this week away she:

1. Cut her finger quite badly
2. Got terrible sunburn and was forced by the families to go back to the beach despite this
3. Got chaffing
4. Was forced to spend the last few dollars she had on long pants (the mother made her buy size 20's!) to cope with the chafing
4. Was stung by a jelly fish (but I don't think she told anyone, silly girl)
5. Was stung by a bee...
6. The mother kept using her credit to make calls and cracked up when she said her phone was flat - needless to say Fluffy not happy with this one! Her new plan is mostly data with just a small amount of credit for talk and text. Now we have to top it up again when she comes home tomorrow.

So we'll see what today brings, won't we?

Anyway, Fluffy and I came home yesterday. It was nice to have the house to ourselves. Mind you, it was in the middle of a heat wave. The weather had been perfect for our holiday, but yesterday the northerly desert wind picked up and blew tents down, made packing up hard, and threw hot dirt at everyone. Most of us left, some to return on the weekend, some not. One family stayed for the rest of the week.

I got done what needed to be done then soaked in a cool bath for an hour. Bliss! I missed my bath. And my kitty Roger missed me. He hardly left my side, smooging and purring, and meowing. Lovely to be missed!

Today it's back to work. Dobby comes home tomorrow, then Friday night we head back for the weekend.

I will put up pictures later....


Chris H said...

Sounds wonderful... though camping is not our thing!
I feel sorry for Dobby, she was in the wars with bees, cuts, chaffing etc. Poor girl.

JoeinVegas said...

Sounds like you can do without that mother.
But glad you all had fun.

SOL's view said...

Poor Dobby. What an adventure.