Monday, 27 February 2012

Caravan and Camping Show

So this week was a busy one. Been working furiously getting stuff done ready for Boss to sign off on. He's now in Sydney for the week so I had to get all the end of month stuff ready before he left. All done.

This weekend saw Fluffy and I do four hours on the Association of Caravan Clubs of South Australia stand. There are 16 clubs under this banner, which offers a type of structure for clubs to work together under. Our club, SAPI CC, is just one. There are a lot of changes happening in our club, and Thursday's meeting brought some of them closer to resolution.

The original club was called South Australian Postel (Post Tel) Institute Caravan and Camping Club. However, we recently found out that the Australian Postel Institute has withdrawn support of our club. This means we are on our own. The repercussions of this are:

1. We recently took a vote on losing the SAPI part of the name, which was a majority vote to change the lettering entirely.

2. We have to clarify that they want us to change our name, relinquishing all reference to API lettering. There seems to be some confusion to the results of the vote - my understanding was that we voted to ditch the SAPI, however some people seem to think we were only voting to change the name, but keep SAPI. This needs to be sorted very quickly.

3. Changing the name is going to be very costly. As the API are forcing us to change our name, we are hoping they will come good on some funding to do just that, but we are doubtful.

4. Strictly speaking, in the constitution it is written that if the SAPI club folds, monies are to be returned to API. Now, we need to clarify if we are indeed folding and reemerging as something else, or just changing the name per se. Very tricky situation.

It will be interesting to see what comes this week from the president's communications with API.

So, anyway, all that aside, Fluffy and myself, and two other club members, spent the better part of Saturday at the stand. And it was hot. Where we were was hot, because there was no air circulation. But once our tour of duty was over, Fluffy wanted to look around the show (I did dob us in just so he could get free entry to do just that so I can't complain).

But boy, it was even hotter. By the end of it I thought I was going to pass out. Then I got a message from Dobby that she had been invited to a sleep over. At Woodcroft. Down the sourthern side of town. Sigh. Yes, she can go.

So it was a trip home, cold drink, pick up Dobby, and drop her off. Once we got back ran a cold bath and that's where I stayed for about an hour. It was bliss!

Because I had bought a seafood pack with calamari, salmon and prawns, and because I didn't think Dobby would like it, I made Fluffy and I some pasta with carbonara sauce and this seafood mix. It was bloody fantastic, with just a little left for me for brunch on Sunday.

I had some time to myself on Sunday morning. I didn't rush. Just pottered about. Then took a trip down to the supermarket, and while there I decided to duck into Target just to see if I could find something cheap. I have a dress to wear to mother's 70th, but thought I might just take a peek. And I found it. The last dress at all in my size, which was originally $59. Reduced to $17.83. It came home with me. I treated myself to a bra and knickers. But the bra is a bit small so I'll swap it tonight after work.

Then, after doing a few chores around the house, I headed up to Salisbury to have scones with Nan. Remember Hermione and Nan? Dobby was still at her sleep over so it was just me. Fluffy was good enough to pick her up on his way home from work, bless him.

Anyway, got home around 5, just in time to grab the washing before the rain (is that what it was? hardly worth the effort...) came. Dinner was going to be cooked by Dobby, but I ended up doing most of it, with her help. It was nice, sausages, baked (well microwaved) potatoes, and a salad.

Then Dobby decides that she hasn't finished this maths assignment, due today, because it's too hard. So I sit with her and try to help. We have to redo it a few times because we realise we made a couple (well, I made a couple) of mistakes. We work at it till almost midnight, then call it quits with one theory question to go.

I wake Dobby early this morning for her to finish. Dobby is not a morning person, and I have no idea what she wrote. The rest of the assignment was pretty much me, so if she fails, she'll blame me. Well, at least more of it was done than if I had left it to her. Who knows? It may just even be right....


SOL's view said...

Lol! You can't stay away from clothes and shopping any more than I can stay away from tech. We aren't related, are we?

Ah yes. The math homework thing. I had a few struggles with that too. I failed math at school but I usually used the book examples, checked the answers, tried to figure out how they arrived at that then explain to to the kid. Sometimes, it even worked. But I never actually sat down and did them with/for her. Yoiks, that would have made my head explode!

JoeinVegas said...

How old is she and you are still doing her homework? Sounds like she better study and do it on her own.

I was good at math, but for some reason they changed teaching styles for each of our kids and I was no help at all.

Chris H said...

My kids never asked me to do their math homework!
I am hopeless at math.