Sunday, 19 February 2012

Victor Harbour

So, another week down and dusted. Doesn't time just fly when you're having fun? This year will be over before I know it at this rate.

Busy one. Work is busy at the moment, which is good I suppose as the day goes pretty fast. Although some days I swear I do twice cause they seem to take twice as long.

Dobby had cadets. She has a friend there, whom I'll call Myrtle for the sake of this blog, although I know I must have used that before. Anyway, Myrtle is a couple years younger than Dobby, and the only other girl in her unit. She's a lovely little thing.

Anyway, this weekend we took the van away to Victor Harbour, on the Fleurieu Peninsula. Lovely little place. Myrtle came with us. She and Dobby camped out in the tent.

As I wanted to get a little practice with people and my camera, I asked a couple of the girls if they wanted to have some fun. They did. This is the result.

There were 7 girls there, and they had a blast.

This is Dobby and Myrtle.

Then, last night, the club vice president asked if I wanted to take some sunset photos, and if so he'd take me up to a nice spot. Just before we were ready to go, a couple of the girls asked would I take some nice photos of them as the light was just right. I told them what we were doing and if they were quick they could come too.

So we all jumped into Terry and went for a drive.

The view was nice. But the colours weren't as nice as previous. However, I think they aren't bad.

Anyway, apart from the fun photo shoot on the beach, and the pics last night, we didn't do much. Pretty tame weekend.

Next week will be busy. Nothing Monday, Cadets on Tuesday (which is also our 4th wedding anniversary), dinner with my boss Wednesday, then Dobby and I fly to Qld Friday. Fun fun that will be!

So much to do, so little time. On a positive note, I think I am all but done with the scrap books. I have about 5 clear sleeves, and I think I'll leave 3 of those to fill with photos from the weekend.

Anyway, the day is a wastin', so better get on with it. Housework has a way of not doing itself in this house... strange that....

NOTE. I have just gone online and read this blog, and it seems that some bug has put highlighted text all through it, wanting to take you to websites or something. Please don't click on them, they are not my links. Sorry :-(


SOL's view said...

The photos are good - the girls look like they had a lot of fun.

And sounds like the weekend was very relaxing.

JoeinVegas said...

No links when I look, must have cleaned up. Maybe it's your computer?

Sunsets - nice