Monday, 6 February 2012

Why do I do this to myself??

I always seem to jump in and do stuff without thinking about it.

This time I managed to give myself extra work while doing something nice for Fluffy. But more of that soon.

This week has been a quick one. Work, work and more work. Dobby started school, started back at cadets. The first week of school went okay. She decided originally that she was going to like this year because she had some good teachers and subjects. But typically that view didn't last long. Still, she is doing photography and fashion so she'll enjoy it more anyway. Turns out, though, that one particular teacher she had issues with last year has her for a totally different subject this year. Not too happy about that, but hopefully she'll adjust her attitude (Dobby, not the teacher), and it'll sort itself out.

The lass she joined that particular cadets unit to be near has quit. I expected Dobby to do the same (she's a follower in some cases, not a leader), but she hasn't. She said she likes the people there, and has another girl friend there. It's a long way for us to travel, but hey, if she's happy there, I see no reason to move her.

As you know, I am the scrap book queen. I have been going non stop for what seems like ages. I have finally finished two albums and started a 3rd. This weekend I also made the birthday card and a little envelope to put in the front of one of the scrap books. Whew. That was my goal, but now I think I need to get a few more pages of book 3 done, as it's mostly the grand kids and all the other rellies.

Also, we have been planning our trip up for the party. I have booked the flights. On Friday SOL said she didn't think she'd be able to go as life has a way of throwing bills at us when we don't need them (I know, I just paid out close to $2000 since Christmas, all of which ended up overdue cause I just had to juggle them). Anyway, Moose and I got together on the weekend and pooled our resources and bought SOL a ticket. Just wouldn't be right if she couldn't come.

She and I both had to leave our spouses behind, but hey, that means.... GIRLIE WEEKEND! OH YEAH! Cause we'll all be bunking at Moose's house. Man, I can't wait. We are going to have so much fun. Apparently the board game Mystery Date has already been hauled out of the closet...

So this weekend saw me spend all day Saturday at SAPI caravan club meetings. The first half of the day was spent in our regular committee meeting. Poor Fluffy was left all alone. I honestly thought, as we were following the meeting with a BBQ, that other spouses would be there, but they all came later. Poor Fluffy.

We took a couple hours for that, then fired up the BBQ and bought out the food. We brought cheesecake. Yumm.

After lunch we all sat around and discussed where we were going to go next year. Called a forward planning meeting. This bunch are such a bunch of women, with lots of too-ing and fro-ing and arguing. Great bunch though, but sometimes they seem to go back over stuff.

Anyway, we did end up with our program for next year, now it's just up to the forward planner to book what he can. We come up with 3 suggestions for each month and he goes off and books them.

During the first meeting, though, they asked for volunteers to represent the club at the Caravan and Camping Show on at the end of the month. A 4-hour stint at the information stand, where all the other clubs will also have people. Thinking Fluffy might like a free ticket to the show (he always try to go) I volunteered us.

Then got told by the vice president that he needs me to make a poster of sorts to put on the wall behind us. Sigh. More stuff to take up my time. As if I'm not busy enough. See, I can do it this weekend, then the next we are off to Victor Harbour with the club, and the weekend after that is the Show. The weekend after that is mum's party.

Luckily I know exactly what I want to make, and how it will be assembled. I think I'll stop at Officeworks on the way home this afternoon for a large piece of cardboard. orange, I'm thinking... nice and bright....


SOL's view said...

You do have a way of doing that, don't you....

I'm looking forward to seeing those scrap books. :)

JoeinVegas said...

Seems like you enjoy making things, so the poster should be pretty nice.

Anonymous said...

No rest for the wicked then! RAT