Monday, 13 February 2012

RIP Whitney

What a waste. Just when she was supposed to be getting herself clean. It will be interesting to see what happened. Perhaps her body gave out? Did she relapse? I also hear her daughter, 18 year old Bobbie, was rushed to hospital for treatment because she was totally distraught. Sad time for everyone.

But for me, well, not so bad. It's been a busy week. I have been flying solo at work, which being end of month, has been very busy. I got heaps done last week, so hopefully I can finish most of it today or tomorrow. Although, when you look at it, it's not end of month anymore, is it, today being the 13th already. Geez!

So, I have been working to get that last scrap book done. It's almost there. I also found a couple of sets of sleeves, which I think I'll leave empty at the back so it can be added to. If I get some good photos at the party, I can do them up for mum and send them up to be added.

I have the poster finished for the SAPI Club. I just found some photos of people doing funny things and stuck them on. Looks great, too.

Dobby has been scaring me a little lately. She has long said our house is haunted, because she hears things all night. A family friend gave her a cleansing ritual to perform, but Dobby thinks she did it wrong, because things did settle down a bit. Until Saturday night. Dobby has a friend who is quite sensitive. They apparently had a rough night, with doors opening, my beads rattling, and people moving around the lounge where they were sleeping. The friend was quite distressed, saying she could see several people. While we were discussing it, Dobby admitted she has seen a child walk down the hall, someone standing in her room watching her (a lot apparently), and on the weekend she thinks she saw her guardian angel, but that could have been a bit of suggestive transference. She said she saw a very tall, good looking man, wearing white, in the hallway. This is what I described another friend seeing, who introduced himself as her guardian angel. Now I don't discount what she's saying, but it could be that she has produced the image to calm her, as she said she was not frightened by him but calmed. Whatever works, I say.

While she is a volatile teen, we can expect a lot of negative energy to be circulating through the house, plus her dad is under immense stress at work (to the point I am quite worried about him), so we can expect things to continue. I believe perhaps that these entities feed off the negative energy, so we are trying to get more positive energy going. Not easy let me tell you! But I'll do some reading into it and see what I can do for her to put her mind at rest.

Perhaps this trip to Victor Harbour on the weekend will help relax them both a bit. Fingers crossed.

On a different note, I recently bought a CUDO voucher for a leather bound photo book (all the latest craze apparently, even though I gave mum one of my wedding photos 4 years ago), valued at $85, which cost me $25. So I wasted almost the entire day yesterday playing with that online. My computer is soooo sllooooow now, so it took forever. The flash player kept crashing and everything.

Anyway, it's done. Once I have the book back, if I can, I'll put up a link so you can check it out. But I want to take the book to Qld with me to show around, if anyone is particularly interested. It's personal to me, just a collection of the photos I have taken so far. Better get clicking so I can do some more!

Only 3 weeks till my girlie weekend. I really need this. Dobby has a new dress to wear. I have one that I think will be okay. A good old cheapie KMart dress and a pretty over jacket. Back to wearing fat clothes is quite depressing, but I guess I just have to make the most of it.

The next few weeks will be interesting, so with the threat of a blog that might be worth reading soon, I'll bid you adieu, till next time. Have a great week.


SOL's view said...

Ha! Some threat.

Is it only three weeks away? I thought I had more time than that. I'm not wearing anything new. I'm hoping the weather calms down a bit cause if it doesn't I'm going to be listless, sore, and snappy as hell... sigh.

Anonymous said...

Could you ask the real estate agent about what happened to previous tenants that lived there? Like if someone died or something bad happened? Would be interesting to find out! RAT

Froggy said...

No dead bodies in this house, Rat, but one next door when the old girl died in the house (the weekend of my wedding reception!). No, it's not like that, they are not haunting this house, but haunting Dobby instead. Creepy.

Chris H said...

Whitney was her own worse enemy, and her death was no suprise. Sad for her family, particularly her daughter.
Dobby and ghosts! Creepy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Col, what about getting your friend in to visit? (you know, the one I met when I was there for Christmas one year N...) Moose

JoeinVegas said...

OH - tough threat there.

Froggy said...

Moose, I actually contacted her and she gave Dobby a little ritual to do, as mentioned. She was my first port of call :-)