Thursday, 1 November 2007

New adventures

Well, things are definitely cruising on the home front. After a week in the van Him has come home. It was funny the way that happened - he asked if he could sleep over at my place. I let him (of course, sleepovers can be fun!) and he just stayed.

We have had a great week, no fights, no grumpy bits. When one of us gets a bit tense we talk to the other about what is bothering us. In my case, it's usually stress. Planning a big event can be stressful.

What big event? Well, some of you know. We are going to New Zealand in February, which is a big event in itself, but we have decided, after almost 13 years together, to get married while there.

It is something Him suggested we may look at earlier this year (to which I just laughed, cause he is never serious about getting married) but apparently he had been giving it some thought because he brought it up again on the weekend.

So we are taking the plunge. We even went out and bought a new engagement and wedding ring set for me (this one is old and very thin on the back). It is exensive by our standards, but very nice and looks good on.

It will be a very simply ceremony, with just Him, Jr Her and me, and the witnesses I will have to borrow from the hotel. I think I can get a photographer for about $875, which is ridiculous for just 70 photos, a disk and a farewell kiss...

But what holiday snaps to remember!


Leanne said...

How Exciting...a wedding!!!!! And that is such good news that hubby has come out of the van and back into the house.

it sounds like things are progressing well.... and now the wedding!!!! How exciting for you all. And a trip to New Zealand.

Oh its all happening now. such good news hun, and so glad to hear its all starting to work itself out.

Take care!!


SOL's view said...

I'll say it again. Congrats. You will be posting good pics, on pain of death.

As elder sibling, I reserve that right.

Froggy said...

Well, if you put it like that..

Yes, will be posting pictures. Sourcing photographers and so far all do digital pics made for email etc so will be perfect for posting...

so, I will keep you posted...

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha yes, post away!! we are waiting with baited breath!! (hopefully not too smelly though!) xxoo Congrats love - bout bloody time!! :-D