Monday, 5 November 2007

Lost in the vast expanse of blackness

Well, that's what appears to have happened to Him's divorce papers. I am sure they must be somewhere (although why they are not his his file I don't know). But we just can't locate them anywhwere.

We did get the opportunity to go through some rubbish in the office though.

Had a good weekend (aside from going through the office). We went ring shopping for Him on Saturday. Found a lovely one with 5 diamonds across the top. Very nice and was reduced to half price. Gotta be a good bargain. We went out to dinner at a friend's house Saturday evening and it was lovely. We ate copious amounts of appetisers like Caramel Kiss lollies, carrot sticks, caramelized onion philly dip, soy snacks, and other yummy treats. Jr Her picked some broad beans and munched quite happily on those raw.

Dinner was two very good roasts of pork and beef, baked spuds, salad and coleslaw. Followed by a very good trifle. All bad food, but all exceptionally good. We were there about 6 hours or so.

Funny story though, we used the Sat Nav to get there, and it took us through these weird back streets, when all we needed was two major turns to get to the same place...then when we used it to get us home it wouldn't work until we were out of the gully. Silly thing. But we got home just before eleven pm.

Sunday we bought Him a new pair of Colorado shoes, very nice, and in the shop was a white sheer hat I had been thinking of for a wedding hat (no veil for me). It was only $20 so I bought I just have to figure how to get it to NZ...

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SOL's view said...

Uh oh. There goes the wallet replacing those papers.

As for the hat, where there's a will, there's a way. You might just have to grin and wear it.