Wednesday, 2 April 2008


Could use some right now. With icecream and maple syrup. But, alas, I am stuck with leftover pasta.

Went to the Dr again. Waited ten minutes, and was in and out in less than 5. Must be a record!

The scan was clear. I had to drink some vaguely peppermint chalk, and they took film while I did. Easy, but wow, it cost me $120 that I really didn't have. And for naught. Apparently, the problem with reflux was just that the band was too tight.

He loosened it off somewhat but in the back of my mind now is the paranoia that I will overeat. Stupid, considering he only took out a ml or two. But it's there. He did say that if I feel I need it filled he will do it halfway between what it was and what it is now. I will wait until my next visit in July and see what happens. I would, in the mean time, like to shed a couple more kilos. Can't see it, but would like too. Just not in lettuce leaf mode. Unfortunately for me, that's what it takes. Very heavy dieting. With this wild weather we are having I cannot walk, and Him still has possession of the other pedal of my exercise bike. Tragic!

Well, never mind. The family is coming to visit in just over a week. Hopefully they will keep me too busy to eat...much...

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Anonymous said...

eegads! just how cold is it exactly?

and don't worry... i'll keep you busy! i'll create enough mischief to keep you worried and disctracted.....