Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Orange Kitty Pee

So it's really scary to look at your kitty litter tray and find a streak of dark orange/pink kitty pee. Very scary. Especially with our history of cats with pee problems.

I told Him we may have a problem unless Jr Her (who was at guides) had put something in his tray, and with her history, this was an option we had to consider. But Walter blew that myth away when he chose that moment to use the tray again. Sure enough, orange pee.

Him was very good and suggested we phone the vet for an opinion and even dug out the carry box for me. Off we trot to the Small Animal Hospital not far away, Walter protesting his innocence the whole way.

After having to tip the cat out of the carry box, the vet probed and prodded and suggested that his bladder was empty (the cat that is) and that he couldn't feel any blockages so he thought he may have a bladder infection. He suggested other probable causes of orange pee, being diabetes, calcium build up, one or two other things. But without a sample he could only surmise.

So a shot of antibiotics, a handful of further pills, and a vaccination, totalling $129, we took him home. Oh, and my cat is officially overweight. About a kg he has to lose. The little slug has become somewhat of a sleepy head not wanting to do much.

Mind you, last night he made up for it. Up at 4am playing outside our bedroom door. It's almost like he is restless. I noticed he is eating a lot more. We give him a scoop of dry food for brekky, which usually sees him through the day, and a scoop at dinner and that's all. Lately he is finishing brekky very early in the morning. And dinner within the hour too. Most unusual. He won't eat wet food at all and as for raw meat, forget it. He also now has tartar buildup as a result of his fussiness...sigh.

Anyway, he tries sometimes to go to the toilet and is unsuccessful, so that adds to the theory of an infection. I know with people an infection is painful, and you often feel the need to go even if you don't really. I haven't really noticed an improvement today in the colour of his pee but I will keep looking, and hopefully by Friday we will have cleared this up. If not, it's back to the vet for more tests. Wonderful!

Fingers crossed for my little man...


SOL's view said...

wow ... you has a kitteh litter tray?

Anonymous said...

i started reading this and immediately went "oh no, please not again!!" I will keep my fingers AND toes crossed for the poor little fella! kisses to wally xx moose

Miss LJ said...

oh... this sounds like the story of my boy chilli.

I have had endless problems with him not being able to pee, and having infections. Luckily for me the pee wasn't really orange, just a poor cat sitting on the kitty litter try looking sorry and sad, and then being a BIG sook and constantly wanting cuddles.

So the last time I had the problem with him (7monhts ago), my vet gave him an injection of an arthritis drug which is known to help bladder infections in humans. I was skeptical, but since he's had the shot, he has not had an infection. And Chilli is a very highly strung cat, and with the stress of moving I thought he'd definately be off to the vet but so far so good. So whatever he was given has managed to sort him out so far.

I can certainly sympathise with you, and the large vet bills. For a free cat, Chilli has cost me almost $800 in vet bills just cause of his peeing problem.

Hopefully Wally is OK. I also found the penicillan tablets worked the best out of the liquid the paste and the pills.

Whewwww.. that was long winded. Hope the boy is OK.


PS - my essay subject is on financing small business... not fun at all!