Friday, 16 May 2008

Rain, Rain, Come Again

Well, it's a typical Adelaide Winter's day outside. That is, what used to be a typical Adelaide winter's day. When we first moved here six years ago winter was always long, cold and wet. Lately it has been several degrees warmer (only a week or so of frost last year, instead of several). Very disappointing.

Mind you, it still gets cold. I always seem to be cold lately. All summer the boss has the airconditioner going and I freeze. I get into the car and the airconditioner freezes me. At home the airconditioner is going and I freeze.

Now, it's winter and the boss doesn't like the heater, so this office is freezing. I have been rugged up lately in my new boots, jumper and long pants. If I sit too long the cold creeps in and I put my little personal fan heater on just to take the edge off. But dressing warm certainly helps.

Outside today it was pelting with rain earlier. I love the sound of rain. It took me years to relax, after six years of living in the van and having to get up each time it rained and put towels and bowls down. Don't get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with the van. It was done up very nicely and extremely comfortable. But it leaked in one or two spots and if I forgot to bring all shoes in from outside they would get soaked as there was no overhang after we built in Jr Her's bedroom.

But now, we can even sit outside in the rain if we want to. Summer storms are the best. Savage down here though. But lots of pretty clouds!

Today, well, I would much rather be curled up on the couch reading under a blanket with a huge bowl of chips or popcorn and a very large cup of hot chocolate....sigh....

Well, back to work I guess...*shakes head sadly...*well, I sort of have comfort food today. Last night I made a packet pasta (mushroom with bacon) and added to that a large chopped onion, 3-4 rashers of bacon, chopped and cooked with the onion, and a good helping of frozen veggies. Plus, my main friend now, a spoon of this spicy Indian relish I found. Hot, and very, very flavour-rich. ....smells great too.... mmmmmm.....


Anonymous said...

oh sounds fantastic. you know, if i hadnt just had pizza for tea, i'd be hungry reading that right now! ha ha ha moose

Anonymous said...

sorry froggy, but this comment is for miss lj. Hi. I found your blog site through froggy - she's my sister. theres been a couple of times ive wanted to comment, but im not a blogger, so it wont let me. I love reading your stories - and i really really love what you're doing with the house!! also, just wondering whether your poor cat has settled now, after his 'visiting stray' incident... moose :-)

Miss LJ said...

HI Froggy!!

I LOVE the rain too!! Especially lying in bed listening to it on my NEW tin roof!! And as for the changing of seasons, and it getting warmer I can certainly agree with that. GLobal warming is certainly playing havoc with Adelaide.

Bloody bosses hey? Sounds like yours is a temperature nazi. Mine is a lighting nazi. I never have to worry about being very cold cause all the fluro's above my head keep me nice and toasty!

And as for leaking houses/vans, I lived in one of those for a while - when it rained really heavily, I had water streaming down my walls..Not so good at 3 in the morning!

Lunch sounded yummy.... hope that you enjoyed your weekend!!!


Miss LJ said...

Sorry Froggy... gotta reply to moose!!

Hi Moose! Thanks for the message!! I have changed my blog to allow anonymous comments, so feel free to drop around again and leave a few words!!

Glad to hear you like what we're doing with the house. I'm certainly happy with what we have done so far - next on the list is to attack the hallway, and get rid of the pink walls!

And yes, my darling cat Gemi has settled down since 'the incident'!! He's finally going outside again, but goes straight out the front instead of hanging around the back....bit frustrating, but if he feels safer out there, then at least hes outside!

look forward to hearing from you!