Monday, 12 May 2008

Mother's Day

So, here's to all the mothers out there. You guys rock. I mean, teenage kids, who needs 'em?

Well, I think my mum rocks anyway. Okay, she may be small, and prone to vague moments (aren't we all?) but I couldn't imagine life without her. I don't even want to think about it.

For all the fights Jr Her and I have, she must love me a little. She made me a lovely card at Out of School Hours Care last week, and even decorated a paper bag to put all my stash in. It's lovely.
She had a few dollars to spend at the Mother's Day stall, and I suspect most of it got spent on her on something I have yet to see...

I did receive, though, a little green ring, and a glass tea light holder. She and Him bought me a square white dinner set to match all the great serving plates we received as wedding presents. It even came with glasses and cutlery. Very nice indeed.

I also asked for a kit to put my scrapbooking stuff in. Currently it's in a pizza box... They bought me a new kit, but it's a cardboard box with album, stickers, pages etc. I still have to find a bag to put it all in. But it's a lovely kit and I will be making a family album at some point this year.

We went out to Mrs Bankrupts for a look (that big pink building). I bought myself a cotton summer nightie, Him got new trousers and socks, and Jr Her got a tee and some socks and knickers.

Then we went for a drive looking for a particular second hand shop but didn't find it. We had to grocery shop so next door was KMart. I went looking for a pair of boots, and Him bought me a lovely black pair. Spike heel, scrunched down top on them. Pointy toe, which I don't really like, but they are very comfortable. Look great with black stockings, skirt and black top. Very happy. Just need to get used to the height. Bit higher than I am used to, so sore feet today.

We did the shopping, wandered home, and lounged around for awhile. Had a chat over the fence to the daughter of our deceased neighbour for a bit. Then had KFC for dinner. All in all, a very relaxing, rewarding day.

And, I got killer boots!


Miss LJ said...

Sounds like you had a good mothers day... and a bit spoilt too!! But you deserve it, all mums do.

Boots sound great ! I don't envy the sore feet though - I hate high heels, and I'm lucky if I manage to wear a pair twice a year. I live in my runners, even at work.

Haope you have a good week!! We got the painting finished - I'll have some piccy's on my blog tomorrow - running late to work today (not my fault!!), so didn't get a chance to do it today.

Take care.

SOL's view said...

glad you had a great day. yes, i remember mrs bankrupts....