Monday, 26 May 2008

Weekends, Oh What Joy...

Well, this weekend got off to a rotten start. Not that it had anything to do with me. No, in fact anyone else wouldn't have worried about it. See, Friday I got a call from Boss advising he wasn't coming in cause he had to take his dog to the vet. She is a beautiful white greyhound, lovely nature, and very friendly lady.

She was a little excited, running to the door for a walk, and tripped up two little steps. She ended up with a foot injury that apparently was pretty severe. When I spoke to Boss later, he said she had gone to hospital and wasn't coming home!

I spent the whole weekend worrying how a foot injury could become fatal! I felt disjointed and at a loss all weekend. This dog used to come into the office, wander over to my desk and stand there for a pat, then curl up on the couch behind my desk for hours.

Anyway, Saturday I had a Tupperware party. Now, I don't know about you, but I have never had a successful one ever. This one was not really any different. Those who attended did buy, which was a bonus. I made enough to buy a birthday present for Him, and a Christmas present for Jr Her, and pay about $40 extra, but not enough for me. Never mind. I am going to another party in a couple of weeks, I will get a little something then.

After the party Jr Her had a friend sleep over. The rule in our house is no sleepover unless the room is clean. At netball Saturday morning, she had to tell the friend she couldn't come. Friend shot me daggers till she realised it wasn't my fault. Anyway, Jr Her got in and cleaned the room so Friend was allowed to sleep over. That was okay. She is a sensitive child sometimes but wasn't too bad this time. They didn't fight much just a little tiff thing which was soon over Sunday morning.

I got through Sunday okay, Friend left after lunch, and Jr Her and I veged out for the afternoon. Oh, Sunday morning I managed to do 5 loads of laundry. Seems impossible when you realise that I wash every day. But I changed all the bedding, plus the regular wash, plus the cat's sheets.

Well, as soon as I got to work this morning I spoke to the boss. It turns out his lovely dog had bone cancer, and actually shattered the bone in her foot. That would have been okay but the vet advised that it would happen again, at any time, in any joint. All her bones were going soft. He advised they put her down. Very, very sad, and a terrible loss. However, there is a program called GAP, which finds homes for ex-racing greyhounds. They have applied to them for another dog and I hope they find one as lovely as the dearly departed Holly....

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Miss LJ said...

Oh... thats so sad about your boss's dog.. no wonder you weekend got off to a rotten start. Hopefully he will be able to get another one through the adoption program... My boss used to bring in his cat to work, and he often came to visit you and sit on your keyboard. I certainly miss not having him here anymore (he was dropping too much fur!!)

Tupperware hey... the stuff is good but a little expensive for me.. I can't really justify spending all the mula on plastic containers!! But at least you made a bit of money... and got some pressies sorted out.

I hope that you have a good weeke, and a better weekend than the last - I'm going to be essay writing - I'm so not looking forward to it!! But we have got an engagement party to go to... so that should be fun.

Bloody washing - I only get a chance on the weekends to do it, but I have a CRAP washing like and can only really fit 3 big loads on it..... another purchase for the house required!!

Have a good one!