Thursday, 17 July 2008

Diets are for losers...

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So at my last visit to the dr I had my band loosened off. I really think this was a mistake. I have put on weight. Don't know how much, but I know I have put some one, probably at least two kg. Maybe more. My pants are a tad tight around the middle now and it makes it uncomfortable to sit for long.

I am due in a few weeks for a repeat visit, and I think I will make him inflate it again, but not quite where it was. I am really disappointed in myself for letting it get this far, but it just seems to happen so fast for me.

The theory is great, isn't it? Only 10kg to lose. Snap! But actually giving up food for long enough is quite a struggle. I do, however, have a little more incentive now. The boss was diagnosed as pre-diabetic so is on a strict diet. That means he and I are going to support each other with our eating. Mind, he already does quite well in that department.

Time to go back through my Weight Watchers cook books I think. And if this weather ever stops I must go back to walking. Been very slack there. Sigh...always a battle...but hopefully with this re-inflation one I can lose. Fingers crossed.

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Anonymous said...

Yep, it sure is tough to eat properly. There just isnt enough healthy food out there that tastes good. We will keep our fingers crossed that this next inflation does the trick. xx :-) moose