Wednesday, 16 July 2008


So I just wanted to tell you about the last couple of days. Nothing terribly exciting, but good all the same. Well most of it.

On the weekend, Jr Her had to clean her room. She did some of it, then we had to go grocery shopping. Then, after a very quick lunch, we unpacked the groceries, made up some snacks, and friends from Stansbury came to visit. We met them in Gladstone while they were staying at the caravan park we lived in. Since we have been here we hardly see them. But they were in town so they spent the afternoon with us.

So when they left, we took Jr Her for a sleepover at a friend's house a few streets away, dolled ourselves up and had dinner at Subway. Then up to Aberfoyle Park for an adult toy party. Well, that was fun! The people there were very open minded, and a heck of a lot of laughs. We really enjoyed ourselves. Turns out the hostess is the sister of one of my bowling members! Small world!

We got home after midnight, and crashed (I had a headache and medicated myself up good). The next morning, I was shocked to see it was 10.00am when I woke up! Do you ever get that feeling of shame that you slept so long? For me, a good sleep in is usually about 7.30 but when Him goes to work and I go back to sleep I will often wake up again at 8.30. That is bad enough, but TEN! Goodness. Anyway, I made us breakfast and we toddled off to pick up Jr Her. We stayed for coffee then went for a drive south.

Not sure where to go we decided on an adventure park. Very expensive to get in, but for that you get all you can use of archery, water slides, ordinary slides, paddle boats, mini golf and other stuff like jumping castles etc. For $5 per person per session you also get to use the climbing wall, electric kids cars, or go karts. Well, I have to tell you, aside from the fact it was FREEZING COLD we had a good day. Him got testy with me because I thought he was unsafe with Jr Her on the go karts.

But on those karts, she was a demon! Having never been on anything motorised before she blew us away. Her foot planted flat to the floor and off she went. Him tried to pass her a few times, and managed a couple. But she wasn't letting him through! She missed the brake coming into the area and rammed up the back of the parked karts which was very funny but that was all. She didn't spin out, didn't even hit a tire around the track! What a legend!

Then, as Him had the day off Monday she stayed home with him. They cleaned the house together, watched some TV, and Him started dinner for me. I asked him to put a roast in the oven, and sprinkle it with garlic salt. Unfortunately I forgot to show him which one...he used an old garlic salt which had been unclearly renamed....cayenne pepper. It was a spicy roast, but lovely all the same. He even got out potatoes for me but I had bought a bag of prepared frozen potatoes.

Then, yesterday he made a salad for us while I cooked a lovely stir fry type meal. It was great! he never helps in the kitchen and it was a great (and tasty) effort. After dinner he came and told me he had a bath running. When I went in he had turned out the light, filled up the bath with bubbles, and placed candles around. Very nice.

After a few minutes, he joined me, and well,......


The Elder said...

ewwww!!!! TMI!!!!


Anonymous said...

sounds very nice..