Thursday, 24 July 2008

Winter is Here!

Not to say it hasn't been cold. It's been cold. But evenings haven't been what they should be for this time of the year.

It gets down to about 7 degrees overnight, but only up to about 14 degrees through the day. Well, last night it was 2 degrees. Very chilly! So cold, in fact, that I can't type cause my fingers are numb.

When I hung the washing out this morning, there was frost on the ground (lovely to see) and steam coming from the clothes. I love watching it with the sun shining through it.

Usually, we have a cold snap at the start of the season, it warms up a little, then cools down again. Last year I think we had a week of frosty weather in about June, and the rest was cold but overcast, therefore no frost.

Well, we are supposed to be seeing sun all this week, which as you know, means frosty clear nights with freezing temperatures. It's funny, though, that the same temperature in Queensland means getting about with maybe socks, winter jammies, and a robe. Her it means socks, slippers, flanny jammies, cardigan, robe, scarf and gloves. Totally different. Poor kitty even feels it cause he wants to come up onto the bed all the time and he is not allowed now.

Even as I type this he is trying to sit on my lap or on the desk leaning against me for warmth. However, I am wearing black and dressed for work so I have to say no. Poor kitty (he just sat on my forearms. Makes typing interesting....)

God Bless Winter in Adelaide! Brrrr!


SOL's view said...

Oh I am sooooo glad I'm missing that! It's bad enough today - raining and a supposed top of 17. Forgeddit!

Livin for spring. Oh yeah....

pOrcelain hearts said...

hii! thank you for ur commentand yes EDs its a nightmare... actually. im trying to stop with mia at least... things are not going so well right now with my health.. and i told anniie about it... and she is worried and me too(she really knows about it)she told what it could be.. and i promised her and my self... to stop! i hope to be strong enough ... good luck one everything!!