Friday, 15 August 2008

Bloody car...

Yes, stupid car. If I didn't like it so much I could easily hate it. Him had to take it back this morning because the front passenger door has decided not to lock.

Last weekend Jr Her opened it and set off the alarm. I thought it was because I had previously opened the boot, and that unlocked the car but not turn off the alarm...

But no, it happened again recently so when Him had a play, we discovered we could always open the door, and one in five times it would set off the alarm. Now, as I leave my bag on the seat while I check the mail or duck into the local store for milk, I figured this was not going to be good.

So, back to our favourite service department this morning to get it repaired. Update from Him advises it was just a loose wire and it was fixed in no time. Whew. Stupid car.

Other news. Well, none really. Him is flying out to Melbourne on the 26th for a long awaited course. He is a supervisor at his job, and has been pushing to do a Level 4 Management course. For two years they have overlooked him, sending even Leading Hands instead. He was forced recently to do a Leader of Teams course (what an insult!). But finally they have relented and today we received his itinerary and hotel booking. He goes two days this month, I think two next month and two in November. It's a big thing for him, and I hope he gets a lot out of it.

Jr Her will miss him. She copes okay when he is on night shift, but if he is away she feels very unsafe at night. Don't know why. I can't think of anything. No wait, there was that incident where we were burgled. Well, two actually. Maybe that has something to do with it. She get nightmares so I can expect a few while he is away. Don't you love kids? Sigh...

Otherwise it's all quiet on the home front. The boss is away today so I am here alone. Very slow too (after an initial rush of phone calls in a few minutes.) I had a meeting with some computer sales people, and that's about it.

Better get back to work, hadn't I? Might as well look busy, not that there is anyone here to see....


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Miss LJ said...

Great to hear about the management course...hope he does get a lot out of it.

At least the car got fixed OK, and it was nothing major...that would be the last thing you need, especially after the drama with the spoiler.

Yes, I got got the receipes on email! Thank you!!! I have been slack and haven't replied, but they all look yummy, and I'm looking forward to trying out the tuna cakes - they sound great. If you're in the mood to type some more out and send them through by all means please do so. Always up for new recipes.

Have a good day with out the boss...mine is on his honeymoon, so I'm still in charge - but its anything but slow.... :)