Monday, 25 August 2008

Don't you love new stuff?

So I got all my new work stuff today. But I also got some new stuff on the weekend. See, Jr Her went for her sleepover. Him and I were going to go to the movies Saturday night, but decided to go to the shopping centre after morning netball to buy tickets, as Gold Class fills up early.

So, off we trot, just the two of us (aah, blessed peace and quiet). We stopped briefly at Bras and Things, where I found a "2 for $30" rack of jammies. I bought a pair of long cotton white, blue, yellow and black striped PJs, and a pair of soft almost yoga pants style in grey marle. The top is a little larger but they both fit perfectly and are sooooo comfy.

Then, we went to purchase our tickets and found that the only free sitting was an 11.50 screening of Dark Knight. What the heck, we had no time limits, nowhere to be, and nothing planned. We bought the tickets. With about half an hour to spare we went to Coffee Club for, well, coffee. For him. Hot chocolate for me. And a slice.

We went back up to Gold Class, and ordered salt and pepper squid and wedges to share, and Him bought a glass of red. We settled in for two and a half hours. Lovely. After, Him wanted a hair cut so joined the queue at Men at Work. I wandered around the corner intending to take a peek into Katies, but went to Millers instead. Guess what I found? Several $5 racks. I came out with 4 tops, one skirt and a shawl. For $30. Not a bad day's bargain hunting I would say.

Then, we went home and watched the Port Power game on TV and saw Jr Her in the crowd with the family she was staying with. Our little hero!

So, today I got to play with my new IMac computer, combination printer, and all the new software. Instead of networking from the original chick's computer, it's all on mine now. Her machine has been disbanded and my old Mac is in her office. Well, I guess it's the spare office now. I chose to remain in the reception area, in my own little corner of the world, and spread out. With the new printer we lose the old printer, a copier and fax. Excellent I say. And my new mac screen is soooo big! I will try to take a photo one day and upload it.

The geek was still working on it when I left work, so hopefully when I get in tomorrow it will be all ready to go. Hey, wait a minute...I just realised I don't even know how to turn it on! I wasn't looking when he did that! Haha. That's going to be interesting. If you know anything about Macs you will know that there is no box, everything is in the screen. Lovely, flat plasma, 19" screen, and a keyboard. That's all there is. So, that power button must be around the back somewhere.....

Oh, and Jr Her and Him were just having a wrestle in the kitchen and next thing Jr Her is in tears with a blood nose. Typical! Play rough and get hurt. She told him she would get her bath when he kissed her. Well, never one to back off from a challenge, he took her on! The table was knocked, and he tackled her. Actually, we don't know quite what happened as Him has no recollection of hitting her, but she thinks she copped his forearm. He thinks she copped the chair. I think they are both nuts and deserve everything they get! Poor Him, though, hates the thought that he hurt his little mate. She has forgiven him though. Ah, what happened to that blessed peace and quiet? Sigh......

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Miss LJ said...

I LOVE new stuff...especially anything to do with computers and stationary. Hope the new beast is going well, and I guess you have learnt how to turn it on!!:)

Sounds like your movie date was a good one - and plenty of shopping treats too! Good work!

How cool to see Miss on TV!! Considering the size of the place - and you still managed to see her!

As for little feet - nah not yet, gotta do the marry thing first (my values). But we'll think about it - he is only 23!!

And Nah, not doing city to bay this year - too fat and unfit to do it... Aiming for next year though!!